20 Feb 2009

I Am Disgusted!

I don't want to see any spoof You Tube type videos of women getting a beating from a man, and I don't want to see any jokes on it or hear about people defending another black man who has decided to give himself a bad name. Let's stop defending convicted rapists [Tyson], child-molesters [R. Kelly] and woman beaters [Chris Brown], and straight up jack ass fools [OJ Simpson]. Black folks sure know how to defend a bastard in his time of wrong-doing and point the finger at the 'she asked for it' female. Tired of the foolishness when it comes to 'uplifting the black man' especially ones who aren't even worthy. No one is uplifting the black woman but herself. All of this "our men are kings" and "what are we going to do to help uplift and encourage our men." Our who...? When some of you can ACT RIGHT, stop leaving your children, stop smoking that shit, stop putting your hands on women, stop molesting our babies, stop robbing and gang banging. Then maybe after we've taken CARE OF OURSELVES we may have some time for you. But I doubt it as a hair and nail appointment would probably take precedence, and quite rightly so. One thing a black woman knows how to do is "take care of her man" before she's taken care of her damn self. I hope Rihanna [and other women] do what is right and looks after themselves and takes some time out to re-evaluate the position of certain men and other people in their lives. My goodness black women have suffered at the hands of every damn body since the beginning of time, funny how we just bloody get on with it and have no time to blame the white man for our woes. The same with the brothas making it. If they are able to get ahead and do good and live right [even coming from under privileged backgrounds] then I don't want to hear about the other one's whose daddies weren't around or they didn't have a good male role model in their lives [oh my goodness we exhaust and use that one for a reason for failure within our communities] well guess the fuck what? Girls need their daddies too! We can be just as screwed up as the brothas without a daddy present growing up. I know of women who have gone through WORSE than some of these down and outs and haven't become a victim of everything that went wrong in their lives. So Chris Brown grew up with an abusive step-father. Well he had enough raas-claat money to go seek help for any issues he had if he felt he couldn't control himself. Now he wants to beat his girlfriend and now seeks help from his pastor. Source claim this was not the first time Rihanna had bruises on her. I mean look at people's mentalities, the picture is there in full colour and some how it's Ri-Ri's fault.
I've gone from Rihanna to social issues common amongst black folks. **SIGH**
In this situation the bastards come out of the wood work droning on about she asked for it or he couldn't do that. Fuck off with that mess!!
I am tired of abuse PERIOD!!! Sexual, physical, mental, emotional, against men, women or children even animals [don't even get me started on the prick who put the kitten in the microwave]. No justification for ANY OF IT whatsoever.


  1. Please tell people...and the stupid guys I know when they heard about this Ri Ri/Chrisbreezy thing they were like "Uh but what did she do though?" I was like hold up! What did she do? She might have been in his face that he was getting booty call texts at some ungodly hour, she might have even given the dude herpes...BUT IT DOESNT MATTER!! I swear my eyes have been opened to some off the dudes I know, its a lesson that they obviously would do the same thing if they felt "provoked"

  2. I could not agree with your post more! U said everything I have been thinking for the past 2 weeks about this situation and how much it has shown how ignorant some black people are.

    BTW why don't you let posting comments be accessible to everyone? Its annoying having to join google/blogger. I only did it because I've admired this site for a few days now and wanted to comment, but for newbies its very annoying. Love this site though

  3. @ Prima Donna, I did but no longer do as the internet if full of imbeciles, and even those types of people feel nothing behind hiding 'anonymous' and posting hate filled messages. Maybe annoying for you, but not as annoying for me having that BS on my blog and monitoring comments.

  4. Oh and thanks for the blog appreciation also.

  5. Now LondonDiva *doing the eyes-in-sync motion*...you couldn't have said it better!! I've been ticked off by females who say that there are some things that deserve a beating...uh-hell-naw...i grew up with 3older brothers, none of them ever laid their hands on me..even when we had the sibling 'fights', my dad has never hit me..and these guys are my blood, so if they haven't bruised me why should some fool who thinks because he's sexing me its ok?? If Rihanna's dad never beat her up and had a face mashed up like that why should Chris Brown??I'm so vexed @ some ignorant females...Kissing My Teeth!!!..sorry girl, didn't mean to rant on ur space..lol

  6. Ummm Shona. This is rant central. Rant away my dear. And I agree with you 110%.

    Listen I've always said and will stand by it. Any man that wants to lick mi down better make sure I'm dead. Because if I get back up of that floor...I'm not the cowering in the corner type. By the time I'm done with frying pan, kitchen utensil, plates, blender, there'll only be one bitch left in my house and it won't be me! Women may not be physically strong as men, but if you look around your house, there are weapons everywhere. Shit tek off your shoe heel and juck him wid it. Why do you think they are called killer heels?


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