15 Feb 2009

Who Ever Thought A Lil Wayne Song Could Sound So Beautiful?

David Sides [a brotha] and excellent pianist. Check out Lollipop by Lil Wayne covered by him on the piano...AMAZING and it sounds so beautiful.

He's got many other covers. Check them out here.

Snow Patrol's Chasing Cars is one of MY ALL TIME FAVOURITE SONGS EVER. He plays this one too and oh Lordy and one of my fave Linkin Park songs Shadow of the Day from the Minutes to Midnight album**swoons**

Right off to listen to Linkin Park. He's got me in the mood.


  1. That was nice, I really liked it. I'll have to check out some of his other stuff. Thanks!

  2. I guess still will fall under Ghetto Symphony category. Not a big fan of supporting ghetto urban music but i can appreciate talent which the kid has.

  3. Ghetto Symphony? Why is everything black always labelled with ghetto and urban? Well call my black ass ghetto by association then cause I like the hip-hop and the classical piano version.

    Some would say your like of old skool rap & hip-hop is or was ghetto or the fact that you have tattoos are ghetto.

    Fash you're right you are a self confessed snob. But sometimes you really have no reason to be, especially when the things you label other people/things may just be the same as what others see you as.

    It's just a rendition of a hip-hop song played on a classical piano, David Sides plays plenty of other different genres played beautifully. Not everything needs to be categorised under some niche label.

    He has plenty of hits on You Tube, hopefully this will inspire some young kids to want to take up the piano or another instrument.

  4. I just checked him out and I must say I'm pretty impressed. He's pretty good.

    Ok some folks need to look up the meaning of ghetto, since when does ghetto mean black?? The fact of the matter is, the young man has talent and if he enjoys playing hip-hop songs on a classical piano then that's his thing. How is he any different from Beethoven??

  5. Hahaha Nai,

    Did i tweak a nerve?

    I stand by my classification of Ghetto Symphony as what it is. If someone makes a misogynistic song and translates it classically doesnt mean i have to appreciate it. Tattoos came way before ghetto and when i got my first tattoo i was looked at as weird cos it was not popular and most guys who had tattoos were sailors so you cant quite call it ghetto besides tattoos can be tastefully done as long as its not your name written on your neck or some gang signs or even that back shot on most women's back nowadays then i doubt if it will be called ghetto. I dance to urban music in the clubs but dont purchase it( to be honest i dont pay for music anymore anyway) and i dont need acceptance from the so called classical music folks either and thats why i dont even listen to that boring music. I am African and i only identify with music that moves me and it normally has a lot to do with percussion so some boring symphony or Opera will never get a dime from me. Ghetto is what it is being referred to nowadays period even though it might have mean a Concentrated Jewish slum back in the days its what 90% of people think of it and its urban and black so thats whats up.

    Like i said i admire his talent but then again i am not a big fan of Piano players anyway even though its the best way to be accepted by white audiences around the world because they just love a black man who can play the piano lol.

    BTW Beethoven composed his music and didnt use some cheaply made song to get famous.

  6. No you didn't tweak a nerve. You need to understand voicing my opinion doesn't equate to me being irate or angry. I can debate with anybody with ease whether I agree with them or not.

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