12 Jul 2010

Nightmare Hubby Dream Caught Cheating On Christina Milian! She Tweets! He Scores!

Here we go again!

Beautiful baby Violet is not even walking yet, and this trife, man, son of a bitch is booking holidays to the Caribbean with some next chick. Just so you know Christina gave birth to their baby in February 2010!!! The poor woman is just about healed up after a C-section and getting her figure back and he’s off!!!

You get a woman pregnant; make her your wife, she carries, births, nurses your child and you repay her like this?

Dream seems to have a track record of this type of behaviour. It’s nothing new, and guess what…he’ll do it again. He has the money which must be the ONLY appeal to him that has the ladies flocking like a fly on stank doo doo. Just what is his attraction to failed R&B songstresses???

The man behind smash hits such as 'Umbrella' and 'Single Ladies', Dream is far from broke, so if you’ve barely heard of him, it’s because he’s a behind the scenes money maker at most, in the entertainment industry.

He was married to has-been R&B singer Nivea for 3 years, and have 3 children together, a girl and twin boys. [Nivea also has a son with walking STD and currently incarcerated autotune-esque Gremlin Lil Wayne]. Dream’s child with Christina Milian is his fourth…unless there are more that we don’t know about.

Rumours are that for a while Christina and baby Violet have been with Milian’s mother. Looking at these pictures, and the dumb talk about Christina which he was talking about her like she was some homey in a recent interview, I can see why she upped and left [if indeed true].

Marriage counselling folks... BEFORE you tie the knot, can save you some of this BS down the line OR just NOT picking men like The Dream to impregnate you and wife you in the process. Might make you stop and think before you get all caught up and run off to Vegas getting hitched cause you’re ‘caught up in the moment’. Looking at Dream’s face he’s realises he has well and truly just been caught in the moment, and it’s circulating like wildfire on the Internet today. Let’s see him back out of this one. I wonder what the excuse will be, cousin, PA, a grieving friend who needed a pick me up with a half nekkid man sized Ewok??

Looking forward to hearing from his and Milian’s camp about this.

Open-letter-blog-style-advice to Christina: Take what you can, as your career has pretty much bombed. Save what money you do have and divorce him. Focus on you and your child. Make as much money from this as you can through selling your story [if anyone is that interested], and I guess…..we’ll see you on Dancing With The Stars next season.

Whilst my broadband decided to eff around something chronic this evening, Dream has announced his separation from Christina Milian. Thank God for that! No woman should have to suffer with that on top of them night after night, or be subjected to being cheated on.
  • He’s claiming they split in 2009.
  • She was on Twitter referring to him as her boo, only last month.
Either Christina was in denial, separated for real and putting on a Twitter front, or Dream is lying just to save face to make excuses for these pictures that have surfaced on the net today.

I’m sure by the morning light there’ll be much more to this story making the rounds. Something tells me there'll be plenty of #teamchristina hashtags floating around.

Successful career or not, Christina Milian strikes me to be a lovely woman, who doesn't deserve to be publicly humiliated like this, especially as a new mother to boot. Sweetheart take you and your precious baby elsewhere and may God Bless you. You deserve some happiness even if it is just you and baby Violet.


  1. i like this. i am definitely #teamchristina! LOL at the Ewok statement.

  2. This guy seems to be an inveterate douchebag. I read about a comment he'd made about not helping around the house because it 'raised expectations'!
    I suppose that if you have 'expectations' for a relationship above, say, the subterranean, then that's fine, but any woman who respects herself should avoid this man like the plague. And if you *know* a dude's track record and get involved with him, expecting him to change because you are that special... Good luck.

  3. *smh* I don't even have words for this....

  4. it really baffles me...like what you said about relationships is not about look rather hardwork, communication......why are wives expected to look trim & beautiful while the men let go...seeing the beach pix...he looked 5 months pregnant!...hahaha..

  5. He Need To Chill With His Uqlass


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