26 Jan 2009

'Hangin' Tough' 20 Years Later. They Still Got The 'Right Stuff!'

I just got back from seeing my first all white American Boston boy crush at Hammersmith Apollo tonight. Let me just say this, rule them out if you must, but these 5 going on 40, divorced, married, single fathers from teen to toddle having children STILL know how to make the women swoon [one fainted not too far away from me]. STILL look good. STILL can dance. STILL can sing. STILL can rock it in 2009 like they did in 1989.

Oh my goodness **places hand on heart** they were fine as hell. Donnie was and still is my favourite and you can still see the element of bad boy in him from back in the day. I haven't missed Donnie like the others because I've been high on his acting coat tails for years and years now. From the indie films to the Hollywood headliners like Saw and Righteous Kill. If a Wahlberg is in it, I'm there to see it and it adorns my DVD collection. Trust me if you're a REAL Donnie fan you'll know about Southie, Bullet, Triggermen, Boomtown and Runaway [which is coming out on DVD in March **pumps fist in the air**] even when the masses weren't feeling it, and not just Band of Brothers one of his more popular/mainstream works. I'm a HUGE Donnie Wahlberg fan! HUGE, HUGE, HUGE. He doesn't get enough credit as an actor, he's very good if not better than his brother Mark.

Shoot even Jon and Danny look good up close. They really do. Jon is shy as hell, I don't think that man even talks, but he is fine, I think he may have even overtaken his brother Jordan in the good looking stakes...seriously. Danny is just buff and you can't help but wanna rip his clothes off. Donnie...well the things I want to do to him are too explicit for even my blog. Joey most definitely grew up and is still as cute as ever. Jordan looks very much like Donnie Osmond. Still cute however and hitting those high notes as per usual.

These boys/men whatever you wanna call em looked more like they were in their late 20's let alone approaching their 40's. I was worried the routines wouldn't have gone so well or the concert wouldn't have been that great but I can honestly say I loved it and I love them even more than I did when I was a pre-pubescent little girl. I'm so glad they added this date because by the time I waited on my friend to get back to me which to this day she still hasn't I would have missed them on this world tour. Yes I went on my own, no need for company when you're drooling over men and playing intimate thoughts in your head.

Hammersmith was perfect as it was floor standing downstairs, and me being 5'8 I had a perfect view coupled with being up close. I could see the blue in Joey's eyes, the white on Jordan's teeth, the sweat dripping off Donnie and a ripple or two bulging from Danny's **cough cough** arms...what did you think I was going to say?

I am so glad these guys got back together. During the Cover Girl. Tonight, Games days I was way too young and had a cheap mother who wouldn't have dreamed about forking out money to take a pre-teen to Wembley to see NKOTB. Being close to 30 was well worth the wait in a smaller venue than they played last night at The O2. It was live [as in hype n heavy] just on a more intimate scale.

I'm definitely going to go to bed tonight a happy woman. I finally fulfilled my childhood dream of seeing New Kids On The Block live in concert. Now I need to fulfil my other dream of Donnie being the first white man to ever.....OK let me just stop right there.

Was it worth it? Oh my God yes! And you better believe on the way home I went straight to N for New Kids on The Block in my ipod and played all my fave tunes for the journey home.

**I will be adding pictures and videos. My camera just conked out after uploading over 800 pictures from DC and the concert. So I'll have to go and charge it again, but at this hour, that will be tomorrow.**

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  1. I was there too!!! LOVED EVERY SINGLE MINUTE! I swear, I think I enjoyed it even more than the two times I saw them as a teenager. They were SO on point. It was such a good show that I wanted to turn right back around and do it all over again.

    Gurrrl.... I was screaming and jumping up and down like I was 14 years old all over again.

    Just like you said, they still got it. Even more so now I reckon. I'm seriously still obsessed with these dudes and I don't give a shit about what anyone else has to say about it either. I LOVE ME SOME NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK!


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