2 Jan 2009

Money Saver - Contact Lenses

I'm always shopping for a bargain, and during 'these times' its best to save where you can. If you're a contact lens wearer like myself ,I came across a sight called Daysoft Lenses which start at a 1 month supply for under £14 [including postage] I just ordered a 2 month daily disposable supply for £19.96 [4 boxes, 2 for each eye] as this was more cost effective.

I had to Google the website for a review and came across this one click here, and also check that the company were UK based, as I used one before that was a UK website, which was based in Mumbai and shipped from Singapore...go figure.

They do ship globally and you do not need to provide the address/prescription details of your current optician. Unlike other websites, Daysoft show the prices for 2 boxes [right and left eye] rather than the price per box, per eye, thinking you get a bargain when you indeed don't.

I was paying £38 for a one month supply before. Compared to £13.98 for a one month supply that is one hell of a saving.

UPDATE: I've received the contact lenses and wore them for the first time today from 7:30 am until 10 pm. I've been advised by my optometrist not to wear contacts for any longer than 8 hours as I have very very dry eyes which are very light sensitive also [something to do with the size of my pupils and the amount of light they let in I was told]. I'm talking about in bright daylight I'll need sunglasses where most people can see quite comfortably. Well they feel very comfortable and very soft. I was on Acuvue and Acuvue moist before. Moist my ass. I totally forgot I was wearing contacts and my eyes weren't feeling dry either. To test when I removed them I left them in the sink to see how long it would take before they felt all hard and crispy. It usually happens within minutes with the Acuvue. These after about 15-20 minutes were till soft to the touch before I threw them away.

The postage took less than a week [they are shipped from Jersey] I received a confirmation e-mail as soon as they were shipped, and all in all I'm very happy with the price.

10/10 for me, and no more Acuvue or hella expensive contact lenses ever again.


  1. Thanx for this coz i use contacts too...Happy New Year hon xoxo

  2. Not a problem. I got a delivery notification the very next day. I'll keep you posted on their customer service and how the lenses are.

  3. Shona, I've added a lil review of the Customer Service and of the lenses as well.



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