5 Jan 2009

Thoughts Of The Day

  • I'm not listening to my boss anymore. He doesn't know how to manage. I'm better at managing myself!
  • It snowed this morning…**yawn**?
  • I've really got to listen to this woman coughing like a chimp minute after minute. Hearing about her ailments and all of the medication she's taking for a flipping cold.
  • Why bother complain about how cold it is in the office and do nothing about it? I picked up the phone and dialled x2424 and got them to turn the heating up. How hard was that?
  • It seems like I'm going to have to contend listening to this woman drone on about her diet am I? I worked on the same floor as her at JP Morgan from 2002-2004 she has ALWAYS been fat. I'm the only one here that knows this so she's not fooling anybody. A size 10 she was not.
  • I had a good weekend with cousin Ronni, we stayed up real late watching Transformers after going to the cinema to see Twilight…If her mother asks she was in bed at 9:30
  • The child didn't go to bed till 3am…what? We were having a girly weekend.
  • Why did I get up at 3:30am thinking it was time to go to work?
  • I don't even want that Jaeger Tilly Bag anymore. What I want is the silk mix wet look blouse in black. OMG talk about to die for. If anything that will be my last purchase, that plus the chiffon blue dress from ASOS. In fact EFF the dress the blouse is a must have!
  • Next Wednesday I'll be off to D.C. it maybe cold there but it's better than being in London.
  • If your boots aren't actually the UGG brand then please stop calling them UGGS!

    1. Hey - I need your e-mail address regarding the Bloggers' Book Club. Email me please - darius@dariustwilliams.org

    2. LMAO @ If your boots aren't actually the UGG brand then please stop calling them UGGS...Girl, I'm so sick of hearing that too...lol...
      Lucky you going to be DC for Obama's do...do take loads of pics for us!!
      I also woke up at 3.30 this morn thinking i was late!!
      Happy New Year girl

    3. @ Darius I've e-mailed it over to you.

      @ ShonaVixen A Happy New Year To You too!!! Oh I'll be taking lots of pictures don't you worry about that!!

      What was it at 3:30am today? Seriously did some aliens land and people across the nation all wake up with the intention of going to work like zombies. I bet like me you were grateful to know you had a few hours left to sleep after that!

    4. Yes hon...i was grateful but then kept thinking m going to be late...and guess what??I was late...sigh...

    5. Did you blame it on the snow? Today was the perfect day to be late and have a valid excuse. Although I got in 2 mins early!!


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