27 Jan 2009

Ungrateful? - Count Your Blessings

I'm tired of this job.
Be grateful you have one. There are millions of people just dying to be in your position right about now. If you don't want it I'm sure it can be arranged for you to have it taken away from you and given to one of the many millions unemployed.

My gas bill is sky high.
At least you have the luxury to heat your home and can choose to whether you turn it on or off. Try being homeless where you wish you had a gas bill to complain about. After dealing with the horrendous D.C. cold/frost and seeing a homeless man sleeping sitting up on a park bench in it, I realised AGAIN just how lucky, blessed and grateful I am.

I'm starving.
You'll never know what it is to starve. You're hungry there is a huge difference. When was the last time you had to walk miles to catch some clean water or beg on the street for money just to get some food to eat? Go to some parts of Africa, India or South America and you'll witness true starvation. Starving my ass!

I'm broke.
You'll find you're richer than a lot of people the world over who would see your last tenner as lottery win, than 10 pounds worth of nothing.

My feet hurt.
At least you are able bodied to experience that. I'm sure somebody who is wheelchair bound would love just for one day to be able to feel tired from walking. When you're out of commission you appreciate the body you have.

I wish my kids would go back to school, I need a break.
At least you have children to take a break from. Some people never get to experience the sounds of screaming children running around the house. I'm sure there are those that have buried theirs or cannot have children of their own that would switch places with you in a heartbeat.

Be careful what you wish for and what you complain about. I'm tired of people complaining about x, y and z and never counting at least one blessing in their daily lives.

Before moaning about it, look at it from a positive perspective. By then it doesn't seem all that serious complaining about it in the first place. I may have a boss who sometimes gets on my nerves but I look at it this way. For now I have a boss, which means I have a job. Which means I get paid.

A few things to be grateful for every day.

A roof over your head
The clothes on your back
Living in a country free from war
Your job
The money in your bank account
Your health
A bed to lay your head down at night
Your five senses

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  1. True Talk gurl!!!Sometimes we don't count our blessings, but we do need to!!


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