16 Mar 2009

Thoughts Of The Day

  • Why is it everywhere I turn people are questioning "whether the Devil exists?" I've seen people ask, or seen it written at least 5 times over the past few weeks. I think people choose to believe he doesn't exist as thinking like this makes is easier on their conscious. There's no need to 'waste time' believing in a God if there's no devil. No devil = No hell, so they're OK come an afterlife [that's if they believe in one]. Kissing my teeth at that one right there.
  • And on the religious tip, people who say they believe in God....SO! So does the Devil, he's believes in God too. Doesn't mean a thing. You can believe in someone doing good [God]. You can believe in someone doing bad [Devil]. I believe in both, it's who you choose to follow in faith that's important.
  • OK some of these celebrities on Twitter are boring as hell. Meagan Good I had to unfollow her. Diddy with his ptwitty TV and "Let's go people" and telling us he's taking a five minute break from making love. Whatever man.
  • My weekend was preoccupied with my hair. Hours taking out my braids, hours detangling my hair, then washing and deep conditioning as well as hooking up a new style to get me through the week. I had no time to rebraid my hair so have scheduled that for 2 weeks time when I'm free. Perfect timing for me weekend away to Lisbon.
  • I really have to time for people that cannot make the effort for me. Nuff said.
  • OK the sun is out but why do English people wanna act the straight fool. It's not summertime. I still had to wear a scarf this morning for non-fashionable reasons.
  • I still haven't checked out the new Facebook layout. I've just been using it from my Blackberry.
  • I'm on the make money hustle again today. It's kinda addictive. I miss those "get money money days". Although I don't let money consume me like others. I'd like to think I'm sensible with mine.
  • Next weekend birthday dinner #3, will blog about the restaurant choice [my turn] soon.
  • I'm hoping this week will be a good one. I have my Joyce Meyer book Starting Your Day Right which has a daily reading to get you going and started for the day. I also have the Ending Your Day Right book. The 'Starting' one is on the desk in front of me at work. I will refer to the Marhc 16th reading if any of these fools try and alter my mood.
  • McDonald's lunch today me thinks. Had no time to make it before I left will get on that bandwagon Tuesday to Friday.
  • If I think about it, one pair of curtains, and some bedding and I'm pretty much set to get a lodger in. Gotta reshuffle the kitchen cupboards though. Hmm that is one of the tasks for this week I suppose.
  • After three dire episodes of season 1 of The Wire I'm pretty much into it now. And Idris Elba still ain't saying a damn thing. His head is still the shape of a peanut.
  • Right I've decided to just go with a 'particular netbook' And no it's not the Acer Aspire One. I only need it for word processing anyway for my novel. Let me get all 'research like' and see if I can source one at wholesale.
  • So Samuel L Jackson has signed a 9 picture deal as Nick Fury. Just what have Marvel got up their sleeves over the next few years? And you better believe this is going to come with a LOT of Internet racist comments [as Nick Fury is white]. If you have watched past the end credits of Iron-Man, do so, Nick Fury makes his first [uncredited] appearance, which then follows onto The Hulk movie where Tony Stark/Iron Man makes a brief appearance. This is all setting the pace for the Avengers Initiative being created that will hit the screens in 2012.
  • I can't decide on what charity to donate to this week from Friday's pay.


  1. Girl, I was on twitter and still thinking should i keep that account or just delete it because right now, its just not that exciting or am i being a disciple to the wrong folks?..lol
    Awww I thought well she's into The Wire so maybe she'll give my man Idris a chance..but nope..lol!!

  2. Does the Wire really improve after episode 3? That was as far as I got...so darn boring. I was left feeling cheated; I bought the first 4 seasons 'cause everyone said it was the best thing on tv... Maybe I should pesevere.

    Love your blog by the way, been an anonymous reader up til now. Peace. x

  3. Hey Rabia? Thanks for the blog love and leaving a comment.

    Yes it gets better it really does. It reminds me of the grit of The Shield, although better. I said I must give it a chance as my mum and everyone else has been raving about it. So I made sure I had some serious patience and watched from episodes 3-10 on season 1 back to back on Sunday. It does get better, and you gotta pay close attention with all the cop speak and all the names they mention. Let me know if you make it past episode 3 and let me know what you think.


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