18 Apr 2009

"Give Me The Chicken Or I'll Shoot!"

2009 is crazy y'all! Just crazy!


  1. Maybe they had a bad case of the Munchies.

  2. This happened to my flatmate at uni! OK the chicken part, not the gun part and handbag part...

    You know after a night out when you are STAAARVING and stop off at the local chicken shop. He just ran up to her, grabbed the bag and ran.

  3. LMAO!!! There is nothing people won't do for fried chicken. It reminds me of a bad, no weird incident that happened in my office one time. One of the IT technicians was heating up his noodles in the microwave, he step aside for 2.5 minutes and the noodles was gone. At first we all thot it was a joke but nope...the noodles was never found.


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