27 May 2009

Britain's Got Talent By Way Of Africa?

There are no words.
Just look pon di foolishness.
Cringe or laugh? The choice is yours! I'm having a good laugh after cringing yesterday.


  1. I watched this guy in stunned silence last night?! Fool was on GMTV this morning too.

    How embarassed was I to be Nigerian last night?! Nonsense!

  2. This guy is soooo embarrassing. Agbaya!!! disgracing us and to think some people were clapping....I laughed sha..at his foolishness.

  3. Girl, I almost called you when this guy was on!! Simon's face was priceless and was Piers being patronising???Don't encourage foolishness Piers...mnxiiii(thats kissing my teet Zim style!!)

  4. What is this dude still doing here?? Please don't tell me he got through!


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