11 Dec 2009

Twitter Trend #igrewup on - 'I Grew Up On'

Last night, going into the early hours of this morning, there was a twitter trend doing the global rounds. For those not familiar with Twitter or it's trends, it's where you preface a word or a phrase with a hashtag '#' and if popular it makes the top ten trending topics on Twitter. Before you know it the whole world is in on it.

I usually hate trending topics or in twitter speak. #tt with a passion, but last night's one which was #igrewupon and #igrewup brought back some fond memories and was actually pretty entertaining reading some of the other ones of the people I follow and nodding in agreement at them.

Being 30, born in 79 I was pretty much a child of the 80's/90's...here are the ones I contributed to the #tt.

#Igrewupon 4 TV channels before the days of cable...
#Igrewupon sittin @ the table with the fam @ dinner, if u turned to look at the TV one piece a clap! And you waited till every1 was finished
#Igrewupon playing in my back garden. Walking street which part, at how much O clock?  
#Igrewupon no chicken shop after school. Dinner was cooked by mother not nyamed from a box pun di street fried by the Indian man!
#Igrewupon doo doo plaits for school. And stocking foot at night as a headscarf!
#Igrewupon watching VHS tapes of RnB vids taped by my friends from cable cause my mum refused to pay for it!
#Igrewupon The Cosby Show, A different World, Alf, Different Strokes, Punky Brewster, The Wonder Years
#Igrewupon The Fresh Prince of Bel Air when they were shown for the very first time on TV.
#Igrewupon Top of The Pops and when number ones lasted an average of 3 weeks!
#Igrewupon music videos by Michael Jackson actually making news and drawing in 13 million people to watch on TV. His videos were an event!
#Igrewupon Nike Air Max 1, 2, 3 and 4
#Igrewupon stock, aitken and waterman songs
#Igrewupon Smash Hits magazine and had the lyrics from it ready to sing along when Top of the Pops came on.

Reading all these #Igrewupon my kids aren't going to appreciate a damn thing. They won't even know what a cassette or a walkman is.

#Igrewupon mercury one 2 one and BT cellnet back in the day before orange & vodafone etc. Damn remember when there was ONLY BT.
#Igrewupon that bastard house phone with the dial. Finger in,spin,it spins back,nxt number. UGH!When you dialled a wrong number long ting!!!

#Igrewupon beatings! Nuff said!
#Igrewupon Benny Hill Monday's 8pm on Thames Television. There was no Carlton or ITV then. It was called Thames!!!!
#Igrewupon No problem. First black UK TV show on channel 4.
#Igrewupon Clapham being a predominately black area, where you couldn't pay white folks to reach. Go there in 2009 where my people at??
#Igrewupon black folks owning big ass houses 4 and 5 storeys in London, that was the family home and the norm.
#Igrewupon REAL celebrities and no reality TV. Although I love reality TV!
#Igrewupon having to wait 3-6months for a movie to hit the cinema in the UK from the US. We were a vex nation coz of that!
#Igrewupon Connect 4 and Guess Who. They never got old to me, I could have fun for hours.
#Igrewupon having to push 2 buttons to record every damn thing.
#Igrewupon NO night buses. You missed the last bus. Your ass got left. No mobile phone, reverse call in a raatid phone box!
#Igrewupon mek it last, cause after it done yuh nah get no more.
#Igrewupon a treat WAS McDonalds. My mum was tight, cheeseburger OR a hamburger, Small Fries & a small Coke. Not even a happy meal!!!!
#Igrewupon Trocadero being tha lick where if you were somebody (as a teen) you'd go there to be seen and get chirpsed!
#Igrewupon butters, fritters, chief, innit doh, skettel
#Igrewupon that jungle chuuuuuuuune by General Levy 'Incredible' that was ALWAYS in heavy rotation on The Box!

#Igrewupon when a black person was on TV my sister would scream "black people are on the telly" and we'd all run, sit and watch in amazement
#Igrewupon Grange Hill....the days of Zammo, Justine, Ziggy etc. That show was tha lick!
#Igrewupon Neighbours & Home & Away where you'd buss your ass to get home to watch it and talk about it at school the next day!

#Igrewupon NO knife/gun crime. Word got around a fight was happening at a certain time & after school they'd use their fists to sort it out
#Igrewupon penny sweets. Haribo mi backfoot. Not in my day!
#Igrewupon Care Bears, He-Man, She-Ra, The Wuzzles, Fraggle Rock, The Ewoks, Thundercats, SuperTed, Inspector Gadget, Bananaman, Raggy Dolls

#igrewupon Wizbit. "Ha ha thisaway, ha ha thataway, ha ha thisaway my oh my" WTF kinda theme tune is that!

#igrewupon a boy would come over to our group and say "my friend wants to talk to you"....that never happened to me it was the other girls
#igrewupon Reebok Pumps, LA Gear, British Knights....(Hammer sung the theme tune)

#Igrewup on Pepsi & Coca Cola commercials ! "I am the future of the world.I am the hope of my nation.I am tomorrows ppl.I am the new inspiration. And we have a song 2 sing 2 you. We have a msg 2 bring to you *forgets words* and tomorrow, tomorrow, *forgets words again*

#igrewupon Dwayne and Whitley!!!!!!!!!! *drops the mic. hands in the air. Backs away from the stage*
#igrewupon thin, fat, thin, fat, thin, fat, thin, fat, Oprah!
#igrewupon Judy Blume! RT if ya feel me girls!!!
#igrewupon REAL RnB music! Just today I was singing hard to Tevin Campbell, took me back! Can we Talk is still a tune I DON'T CARE!!!

#igrewup during a time when Bad Boy had good artists on the label and no one could touch em. Faith, Biggie, Total, etc...they were killin it

#igrewupon @MariahCarey for the past 20 of my 30 years! Damn Mariah's career has been a long one. Her music got me thru some hellish times!


  1. You contributed all this? I share some of that.


  3. I nodded my head to 3/4 of this stuff even though we were in different continents!Goes to show how Zim was on trend at that time...remember doing that coke advert at school for the talent show with my friends...oooh gosh!!LOL!!

  4. Now you know that chicken shops are one of my PET PEEVES. There's one on my street and on big Sunday daytime people are in there instead of having rice and peas and home-cooked chicken.


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