8 Feb 2010

“When I Break, I Break”

Before I even step foot outside of my bed this morning I am pissed off.

Like one of the people I follow on twitter says “I QUIT people!” I do, only certain people. I haven’t got the energy, the patience or the tolerance to deal right about now.

**Deep breath** Lord have mercy.

It’s about 9:30am as I write this and I’m ready to just go the hell home and head straight for my damn bed. I was this close to calling in sick, rolling over and going back to bed.

I’m not in the mood for affirmations, afformations, positive thinking, law of attraction, prayer, thoughts or anything on the plus side right about now. I’m so over on the dark side, I make Darth Vader look like friggin Sooty.

I don’t know whether it’s others I should be questioning or my damn self.

Just hurry up 5pm! Hurry the hell up!

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  1. Oh dear LD. Sounds like you had a "shitey" Monday. Let's pray for "uplifting Tuesday" and even better Wednesday. **Ducks to avoid any objects being thrown my way**



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