9 May 2010

Word On The Tweet!

@BowWow Hard to find a girl who can withstand all the drama that comes with dating a guy like me. You must be strong and really be here for a N****

Is this lil pre-pubescent dude for real? Someone whose only TRUE girlfriend was Ciara and has since dated a string of groupie hoes and those that tell their stories to blogs. I guess the drama he's talking about is being with him knowing he's a hoe and will continue to be one. I love how some of these brothas talk about wanting a woman to be down and strong for them, but don't have a damn thing to offer aside from a credit card.

@AtlantaJJ So why are folks up in arms about Sandra Bullock's adoption of the little African American child again? #idontgetit #cnn

Folks are probably mad that a white woman is doing something they themselves aren't doing. Honestly I used to get mad at white families/black child adoptions. My ass has grown up! Plenty of non-celeb white families adopt black kids all the time, and not because they are a fashion trend like a pooch in an LV bag. They have no problem in raising a black child and are probably aware black children are the cheapest to adopt and the last ones to be chosen. That's one more black child with a home and love. Sandra waited 4 years to adopt a child, she didn't do a pick n mix and bend the rules like Madonna. You can tell she loves Louis with all her heart and soul. She's worked hard in New Orleans [where Louis is from] and even has a home down there. Does that really sound like a racist white woman to you??? Let it be a damn trend. A trend to the point of no more black babies in the care system. Good luck to em. She deserves happiness and so does baby Louis.

@Flobgc RT @RennyDaRamGades In the studio working on music for @Flobgc

That's Flo from Bad Girls Club Season 4. Music? Really Flo? I won't judge until I listen.

@TinyMajorMama RT @Lookin4Tomorrow: @TinyMajorMama You have the BEST hubby. . .So cool!!! Seen him doing major shopping for you!awe he is:)thx! Im excited

Errr TWO engagement rings later and Tip ain't her hubby. Let's reserve hubby/husband for the REAL men who actually marry their fiance shall we? Let's hope Tip was buying for her and only her. I like Tiny, I really do. I just hope T.I. does right by her and their children.

@MeaganGood Jus 2clear up confusion on Bossip,I didn't express if I was single or not.I jus said I wasn't dating a basket ball player..which I'm not

@LondonDiva I wonder what it would be like if they did a UK version of Bad Girls Club? Something tells me a whole lot worse!

@BowWow Fellas ever felt like u found the 1 but your surroundings and where u came from scares her? And you tell her there's nothing to fear?

Whoever she is Bow Wow, you can't turn a hoe into a housewife!

@SongzYuuup So I take a twitter break & come back this nigga @myfabolouslife got #WhileImGettinHead trending...here goes nothin

@RevRunWisdom Next time sum1 says,, U'll NEVER find sum1 like me again! ur response should be “I HOPE NOT!”

@LondonDiva I need to hit Vegas this year with 1 person that a. ♥'s food b. Loves to go clubbing c. Can stay up late

@LondonDiva @BlowTheTrumpet that's like me giving a shout out to all the sistas with a MAC NC45 complexion. We are so divided already, y add to it!

I'm tired of dark vs. light skinned amongst my people. After seeing a song reppin Chocolate women, it got my back up. Let the song had been about reppin light skinned sistas a whole heap of noise would have erupted. I think reppin based on skintone is juvenile. I don't rep for sistas solely based on how dark or light they are and never will. If you're a decent, strong, loving, respectful black woman, I'm reppin for you period!!! I'm not about to put you in a category!

@solangeknowles Thanks for all the "whydontyouloveme" love. Thank u vurry much.

@solangeknowles #confession wrote it all in 15 minutes (literally) after i broke it off w a dude who was secretly still in love with his really whack ex.

I am not suprised that it took her all of 15 minutes to write that song. Repetitive ain't even the word!

@madnewsblog Now Christina Aguilera has collaborated with talentless Nicki Minaj. Desperate times..

Minaj's career needs to be over with. Tired of her collaborating with anybody with a record deal. I hate when artists climb all over a newbie artist like what they're doing is somewhat original, by collaborating with her. Come back Lil' Kim, harder than ever please! 

@LondonDiva I ♥ how a lot of ATL artists support one another and stay true to their city! They don't run off to NY, MIA or LA, they put $ back in ATL.

@lovebscott no makeup with stubble. natural curly hair. http://tweetphoto.com/21668797

@LondonDiva Some Minaj loving bitch tried to cuss me out by telling me I really live in Nebraska. Seriously??? That's the best folks can do these days?

@LondonDiva If you dedicate your Twitter name and bio SOLELY to supporting an actor/music artist you have more than stan issues! #OverlyObsessed

@kevkevv Has anyone smelt the Iron Man fragrance 'Only the Brave' by Diesel?.. no lie, it is #BoomChikaWowWow

@missnatalienunn #imissyou :(

Did Natalie from Bad Girls Club tweet this to her 'boo' after having sex with another dude? I'm just sayin. She felt no way in calling her boyfriend straight after screwing another man on Bad Girls Club Season 4.

@DavidSpade i saw kate hudsons alleged boob job. interesting .. thats like a guy paying to make his weener 1 inch long. .. hmm thats not a bad idea..

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  1. lol the end with david spade threw me off my comment. lol he's so silly


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