12 Jun 2010

Peter Okpara's Love For Me Is Real!

from Peter Okpara
to iamlondondiva
date 4 June 2010 20:34
subject: Love from Peter

Hi dear,**yawn** Hello Mr Nigeria.

I KNOW YOU WILL BE SHOCKED HOW I GOT YOUR MAIL. No, not really but go on right ahead and say what you have to say.

PLS DONT BE SCARED, I'm not. It takes a hell of a lot to scare me Mr Nigeria. I LOG ON A SYSTEM OK that's nice to know, I log onto many myself. Fun isn't it, all that logging on to systems?? JUST TO LOOK FOR A JOB Ooh good luck with that THERE I SAW INBOX OF A PARTICULAR MAIL MAY BE THE PERSON DIDNT LOG OUT THAT WAS WHY THE INBOX JUST SHOWED AND I READ IT, Errr, Ummmm WTF are you on about? No matter how many times I read that, it STILL makes no damn sense. SO JUST FEEL FREE to do what exactly? COS MY LOVE FOR YOU IS REAL. O_O <----- shocked face. Am I really supposed to be feeling all warm and fuzzy inside at this point? How do we go from logging onto systems to my love for you is real???? Only in Nigeria I suppose.

IF YOU LIKE I CAN EVEN FLASH YOU WITH THAT NUMBER **clutches diamond necklace...I don't do pearls** Thank God you said 'Number'!! PLS DONT SAY NO TO ME NO!!!!!! COS I REALLY LOVE YOUR PROFILE SO MUCH. And what profile would this be Peter Okpara? Oh yes the one that I'm on for gullible women with lots of money and no sense to send money off to Nigeria in the hopes of either (a) getting you into the country which never happens or (b) parting with mine in order to get a cut of $980,000,000 that you just want to hand over to a total stranger because of crazy tax laws in your country. Yes.....that's the one!

PLS SEND YOUR PICS AND PHONE NUMBER SO THAT I CAN SEE THE FACE OF THE ANGEL AM DIEING FOR.. Errrr how do you say NO in Yoruba and Igbo? Is it the same? Let me just kiss my teeth instead. You're just gonna have to die I'm afraid, cause that ain't never happening homie! 

This is not my pic, but maybe Sandra Rose is interested.

I ALSO ATTACHED MY PICS AGAIN FOR YOU TO KNOW THAT AM SERIOUS OR CALL ME +234803457011. I got the pic. Errrr thanks I suppose???? As for the phone number??? That picture you sent me is supposed to do what exactly, make me wanna drop EVERYTHING I am doing and dial the £112.50 per minute premium rate number in hope of snagging the man of my dreams? No Peter! Just no!

Ladies, I know how hard it is out there right now to find a good, hard working, honest and decent man, but if Peter is more your cup of tea, by all means feel free to contact him. Even if what he says about his love for me being real is true, don't let that stop you, I'm sure he'll get over me very quickly. 

Please keep me posted on your progress. I would love for Peter to find love, hopefully with a good woman like yourself. And maybe, just maybe through reading this blog, I would have matched you with the man of your dreams.


  1. the picture could be anyone. skype him :)

  2. *dead and gone*
    He's only embarrassing himself and his family line, no be nigeria he dey disgrace. Ekwensu!


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