3 Jun 2010

Support Black!

My first video blog post.
Feel free to share the videos on my channel [that you can embed]


  1. So that's what you sound like! #peopleIfollowonTwitter.

    A brilliant first video post!! Well done!! I loved your imagery.
    Some nationalities, take Asians are brilliant at this. Even to the point that a well known discount retailer based in Tooting is almost entirely staffed by Asians. People don't seem to realise that not only is the power in their wallet/purse but at their finger tips, and in this day and age you can do most things on your smart phone, on the go, no effort at all.

  2. agreed! i will be adding you to the blogroll! love the blog and i do believe we can do more to help each other. keep it up.


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