2 Jun 2010

Thoughts Of The Day

  • I always start these 'Thoughts of The Day' blog posts with about 3 thoughts, then it all turns into a long ass blog fest.
  • Ever have so many things to do, but have no idea where to start?
  • I refrained for a VERY long time NOT to listen to Drake. I saw the video for 'For Your Love' and something strange came over me. I downloaded a ton of his songs, and even started to find the slow looking one rather cute.
  • Can everyone in the music industry stop doing collabos with Nicki Minaj like it's somehow 'EXCLUSIVE' and 'ORIGINAL' that you got her on your track. This "......... featuring Nicki Minaj" is getting old and tired.
  • From what I have heard of her, I'm not impressed. With references to Cowabunga and repeating the same word like she's stuttering just to fill up valuable MP3 time. Nope not impressed.
  • And what's up with her eyes? She look possessed.
  • If you have to go on record to state "I'm not a sell out." Chances are you probably already have sold out and a lot of people are calling you out on it, with your watered down poppy sounding dance tunes Mr Rascal.
  • What is it with Black UK 'rappers' on this 'dance music sounding, watered down for mainstream because white folks may not get us tip?'
  • I really do wonder about some people on Facebook who have kids. No matter what time of day, night or early hours of the morning it is you log on and they're playing some stupid game with a new high score. The next thing you know, their Facebook status message will be telling the whole world how their child can't read, write, is acting up, being rude and can't for love nor money figure out why. That's cause mummy don't pay your lil ass no damn attention Frodo!
  • If you're a parent to a young child/children and read MORE Facebook status messages and/or tweets on Twitter than reading words in a book to your kids, in this element you're failing as parent.
  • If you are a parent to young children who got mad at that last thought, it probably applies to you. You can get mad at me, but you need to be getting mad at yourself. I'm not a responsible parent, because I'm NOT a parent. Back away from the computer or your handheld device, go read to/with your kid and spend time playing a game together over fucking Farmville or Mafia Wars.
  • Had the pleasure of meeting, hugging, taking a pic with and getting my DVD signed by Adam Deacon "OI Mysize!" from Kidulthood and Adulthood. Don't be fooled by the screwface characters you've seen him play, Adam is a sweetheart, very approachable, smells good and gives those hugs that would make you want to throw his lil ass in a room and rip his clothes off. *composes one's self* I thought he was much younger than 27 though.
  • Couldn't get a pic with Noel, but he signed my DVD too. Too many fans surrounding the man.
  • I found what Noel said pretty inspiring, toward the end of the Q&A. You can listen to that here.
  • 4321 is out today.
  • Do you think writing 2 books simultaneously, setting up an on-line store, and looking to get a product created and launched is too much work for anybody at one time? Hmmm maybe but I don't give a fuck.
  • Keep your eye on the prize.
  • I have a semi-written blog review on SATC2, but am still in no hurry to get it out. The movie has only been out for 5 minutes and the world wide web is saturated with all of them. Not interested in reading all of them, only my own.
  • Please don't ask me what the books I'm writing are about or anything else. When you see them then you'll know. Everything is a work in progress. Some will be faster projects than others, some will be slower. Focus on your shit, and tell me when it's out. I'm not in the habit of chatting much of my business, contrary to what you may believe. 
  • But saying that, there are a few people who CAN ask me about all that stuff and they know who they are. If you have to say "I'm not sure if I'm one of those people?" then you probably aren't.
  • Anything that you see out there on this blog or any public forum that I've written from 1998-2010 is down to PERSONAL choice. Nothing that you find out there on the web can ever be used against me or thrown in my face. I'm mindful of what I write, always have been, and think about the future consequences of my actions. Trust me I do. 
  • Too many people chat their damn business, then when it comes back to haunt them, they wanna act all shamed faced.
  • It also helps having an "I don't give a fuck" attitude as well. I'm not easily embarrassed or ashamed of anything I say or do.
  • Me having a blog, being my 'friend' on Facebook, or a follower on Twitter doesn't mean you know me. Let's not get it twisted folks.
  • You do realise Lady Gaga is really popular because of her physical image don't you? The hair, the clothes, the awkwardness. Some of her songs could be sung by any pop/dance artist and you wouldn't really be into it like you are with her stuff. She's alright though. I suppose.
  • I love me. Not changing or toning it down for anybody. Tried it once and VERY long time ago. Didn't like it. I'm not a conformist or a people pleaser. Just so you know.
  • Vote for me in the Black Weblog Awards 2010. If you don't *shrug* it's alright. I'm not gonna lose any sleep over it. If you do, then I appreciate it, and thank you. You don't have to vote for someone in every category. Vote for yourself too [if you have a blog] I did. Hey, if no one's gonna big you up then you may just have to do that for you yourself.
  • And yes, I'm black if you didn't know that already.
  • All you heffers looking to get liberated by watching, Samantha Jones, Carrie Bradshaw-Preston, Miranda Hobbs, Charlotte York-Jewish last name, need a wake up call slap on your vaginas. [NO I WILL NOT BE THE ONE TO DO THAT]. Liberate your damn self and stop looking to four fictional characters to do that on your behalf.
  • If a man wants to give you the world. Don't be a fool...let him and say thank you in the process. But don't be a bitch and try to take him for everything he has on the flip side.
  • If you really know about your electronics, and I'm no expert, you'd know that Apple ipads are NOT the first tablets to go on the market. They are just the most popular. Huge difference. So all those Apple/ipad lovers getting mad at other companies doing their own version of the table "SITCHOASSDOWN" Some of you act like Apple invented air and H2O as well.
  • I'll be waiting for RIM [Research in Motion] creators of Blackberry to release a tablet. Makes sense being a BB owner to keep it in the family. I really hope they have a BBM feature on it. Rumours are it will be released before the end of the year.
  • Speaking of BBM wanna add me? Send your PIN to iamlondondiva@gmail.com You don't want to? I will not be in a corner rocking myself to sleep as a result.
  • How do you turn up at a business networking event with no business cards?
  • The word 'epic' still hasn't died yet?
  • I don't like football, but I can tolerate it during World Cup time.
  • Errr good luck England????
  • Sinkholes are not signifying the end of the world. Google is indeed your friend. Use it. These things are not new and quite common. My Goodness, a hurricane or an earthquake happens and people are expecting the second coming of Christ, drop to their knees and start praying. It shouldn't take for a natural disaster to get your ass ready for the second coming. For all you know the world could be at perfect peace, sun shining and birds singing, then BAM Judgement Day arrives when you least expect it.
  • Don't you just hate waiting 2 years for a sequel, only to be disappointed as hell?? Iron-Man and SATC I'm talking about you!
  • Still not happy about Megan Fox NOT being in Transformers 3. I'm just not!
  • Is Diggy Simmons feeling himself a lil too much? Love his mixtape though? 
  • I refuse to RESPECT you if Nicki Minaj or anyone like her is your role model. Are high profile women like Michelle Obama, Oprah or Maya Angelou not good enough in 2010 or something? Women that have made something of themselves and stood for something they believe in. I mean somebody help me out here please.
  • As much as I can't understand her very well. I love Tiny [from Tiny & Toya] she seems real humble and down to earth. I feel the show did a lot of good for her. I no longer feel or see her as 'just T.I.'s girl.' Please don't get this thought confused with me thinking Tiny is my role model. She's not.
  • Anyone else think Lala Vazquez and Keri Hilson resemble one another?
  • Speaking of Lala she recommended her acting coach or something like that on Twitter. What in the hell has Lala been in? That's one acting coach that would NOT be getting my money and he/she should not be getting yours.
  • Surround yourself with like minded individuals. It also helps if those individuals are supportive of your goals, dream and aspirations and not afraid to give you a helping hand or a push.
  • I remember every person that's helped me out somehow. Whether its from prayers, good thoughts, re-tweeting something, being there on the end of the phone, helping me out via e-mail, sending me messages on Facebook...whatever. I remember EVERYONE. 
  • I also remember the ones close to me that haven't.
  • If you're trying to better yourself please take note. There are a lot of people out there who you THINK will have your back, but WON'T. Don't let that get you down, don't force them to be on your team. Use that as a means to go even harder, to one day show them "I told you so." I've got more support from people I hardly know than the ones I've grown up with.
  • If people are genuine about supporting you [especially the ones closest to you] they'll do it out of love and not because you've nagged their ass 24/7 to do so.
  • Expect nothing from anyone. Expect a whole lot more from yourself.
  • Your goal may not to be famous, but to just be successful within your own right. Everyone has their own standards of success or fame. Pay CLOSE ATTENTION to who is blowing up your phone right now. Who is inviting you out. Who is making plans with you. Who is helping you out with your broke self. Who are constantly believing in you. Chances are when you get from 'Point A' to 'Point B', the same people who screened your calls, ignored your texts and emails will be the same ones trying to get a free ride on your coat tails thinking you're now somebody. You've always been somebody, you just weren't enough for them when you were at 'Point A ville'
  • I'm done thinking about stuff for now. Peace!


  1. Drake's got you too!!Oh No LondonDiva, step away from the light!!..lol!!

    Does anyone say Nicki Minaj is their role model?They need a virtual slap!

    I love Maya Angelou!! I love and have adopted her 'sister-friend'saying!!

    Lady Gaga is good - love her music *starts singing Ale-Alejandro'

    'Expect nothing from anyone. Expect a whole lot more from yourself. '

    'Your goal may not to be famous, but to just be successful within your own right.'

    OK am the only in this country but won't be rooting for England at the World Cup??Same as I won't be one of those Andy Murray fans...ooh shoot me!lol..

  2. First time on your blog and I love it! You're like my twin in my head. Amen to the sad losers who see Nicki freaking Minaj as any kind of role model. SMDH


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