1 Aug 2010

Protective Brotha Antoine Dodson An Overnight Sensation! See Why!

Oh I am NOT mad at Antoine at all. I am a fan!! Some man tries to rape your sister...yeah that's how a brother is supposed to react...ANGRY AS HELL!

I've peeped some comments on You Tube and other blogs saying he's living up to the stereotype....here the f*** we go again!

LOOK! In this instance it's not a social issue or a time for black folks to start harping on about being ashamed to be black, or that Antoine set us back x amount of years....[yes that's what some people have said] why??? Because he lives in the ghetto and just happened to be airing his views to the attacker on TV??? If he came out talking like Carlton Banks people would have told him he was a sell out and should have kept it real.

His interview was not calculated, thought out and planned. He's simply a brother who was looking out for his sister and conveyed that anger on TV when asked about what happened. You stay there acting the calm fool on TV just so you don't upset the black community. 

Go 'head Antoine, tell em why you mad son!

I guess to appease all black folks the next time a man tries to rape one of us, let's hope it's in a wealthy neighbourhood so the brother to that sister can appear more clean cut on camera.

Leave Antoine the f*** alone man, I would have threatened the attacker on camera too and probably gone all ghetto with it. When black folks get mad no matter what job they do, which area they live in, or how much they earn they know about flipping the script and spouting out that 'Antoine talk', so don't act like you don't know now! I haven't met a black person yet that hasn't threatened to whoop somebody's arse!


  1. heard about the videos everywhere. finally watching it. why are people mad at him *smh* they should be mad at the guy that broke in

  2. I didn't know people were mad at him.I thought he became a sensation because of how he said what he said.

  3. Lol...got to love him! We black people are always passionate and will speak our minds its a good thing. Can't always have a stiff upper lip and be cold and calculating his emotions got hold of him thats not a bad thing for goodness sake someone scumbag tried to rape his sister.


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