20 Apr 2011

The Viral T-Mobile 'Royal Wedding' Ad & The Infamous Heathrow 'Welcome Back'

I hear nothing but complaints when it comes to T-Mobile, but people seem to love their UK TV commercials. With the Royal Wedding *yawn* just days away T-Mobile last week launched a new ad featuring Royal look-a-likes.

I sat through all 2 minutes and 13 seconds very unimpressed. It was a very long eye roll moment for me.

Peep the ad below:

So far the 'Welcome Back' T-Mobile ad filmed at London Heathrow Terminal 5 has been my favourite so far. The passengers were all unsuspecting of the major sing-a-long that awaited them at arrivals. This aired in the UK back in October 2010.

This one ALWAYS puts a smile on my face. It's infectious.

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