5 May 2011

Trailer: 'Everywhere & Nowhere' Starring James Floyd, Adam Deacon & Simon Webbe

The director of Kidulthood, Menhaj Huda brings a new UK drama to the big screen. 

Coming-of age drama about a young British Asian torn between family tradition and a passion for music.
On the surface, Ash (James Floyd) seems to have it all. He's young, good-looking and educated. But he's trapped between two cultures - a traditional Asian suburban home life and hedonistic, multi-cultural London. He's expected to enter the family business but dreams of becoming a DJ, developing his talent for mixing classic Bollywood sounds with contemporary hip-hop. When he rebels, Ash not only embarks on a voyage of self-discovery but also uncovers a dark and potentially volatile secret within his own family.
Source: Cineworld

Everywhere & Nowhere opens in the UK tomorrow May 6th.
Official Website for 'Everywhere & Nowhere'

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