19 May 2011

Video: Beyoncé - Run The World (Girls)

After the teasers and hype and talk about this video, this is the 4:51 final product!

I can honestly say it wasn't that good. The worst choreography I've seen from Beyonce EVER! So much could have been done with this video and wasn't. It was mediocre and I'm actually disappointed. It did NOT live up to the hype.

Whilst listening to the song for quite some time prior to the release, I've had my own mental visions of a dance routine and theme for the video based around the teasers I've seen....didn't even come close.

Something isn't right...I have a feeling the exclusion of Matthew Knowles has something to do with how poorly this promotion has been dragging on for the past few weeks. The chart positions for this track have been dire, and somehow the video doesn't do much to rescue it.

Do I like Beyoncé...Yes I do.
Do I like the track...Yes I do.

The video....NO! 4.5/10

Beyonce is better than this!

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