1 Jul 2011

So I Think A Black Actress Is Beautiful...But I Have To Be Lying Right?

Actress Bunmi Mojekwu
Fellow UK Blogger Mad News wrote a piece a few days ago about a Twitter 'bee'f between Eastenders actress Bunmi Mojekwu and a Female MC who goes by the name of Amplify Dot on Twitter.

Bunmi's weave is awful...we can't even lie about that. It doesn't do anything for her. Whilst reading the article my mouth dropped down at the King Kong and banana comments by Amplify dot. So much so I had to leave a comment on Mad News.

"My mouth dropped open when I read the banana comment. I saw this as Amplify’s way of being discriminatory about her dark complexion without actually going there. I for one find the actress that plays Mercy beautiful (not feeling the weave) but that aside see nothing wrong with her at all. Glad she stood up for herself amongst that nonsense. Twitter really does reveal the mindsets of some of our people. So tired of this dumbass mentality."

So then I log on a short while ago to read this nonsense about me finding Bunmi 'beautiful'

Bunmi Mojekwu (mercy) may be a good, well known actress and she could even be a good and decent person at heart. I congratulate her for the accomplishments she has made in her life as a young Black woman, but I disprove of you calling her ‘beautiful’ when you full well know that isn’t the case. Not only is it dishonest, but patronising aswell. In not honest opinion, I believe the banana comment was a shot at her facial features rather than her dark complexion. I’m not condoning what she said, which was completely uncalled for, but it’s painfully obvious to anyone who takes so much of a quick glance at miss Mojekwu that we won’t be seeing her anywhere near FHM’s top 10 most sexiest women or being revealed as the new face of victoria’s secret. anytime soon.
Amplify Dot was in the wrong, let’s just leave it at that."

Well LondonDiva doesn't and didn't leave it at that. One way to piss me off is to call me a liar, and responded with the following...

"Dishonest? You really need to check yourself because you questioning my comment says more about YOU than it does about me. I don’t patronise people. I tell the truth. Sucking up/telling lies to feed a persons ego is not in my bag of tricks. TRUST! Would you have even bothered to quote me had Bunmi been 12 shades lighter, 50lbs lighter, a straighter nose and a waist length Indiam Remy weave??? I HIGHLY doubt it.

I stand by what I said TENFOLD. I think Bunmi Mojekwu is BEAUTIFUL and WHAT? Maybe you want me to be continually biggin up the favoured types in our community like Halle, Nia and Saana etc. Women who are Black but possess European like features that makes it ‘OK’ to give them the thumbs up in the beauty stakes, but when it’s done to an actress that doesn’t fit the ‘standard’ I’m the one with the issue. Sitcho 1950′s, drinking from the separate water fountain arse down!

It’s in the eye of the bloodclart beholder. Ah fi mi eye dem when I turn pon BBC1 and see my girl on my TV. I know what I see. I know what I find beautiful.

You must think I got time to sit here and conform to your way of thinking of what you think beauty represents. God forbid if you ever saw the different types of men I find sexy and attractive. Ah heart attack would seriously dead yuh fi true.

As for those that know of my online personality (which is exactly the same in real life) through Twitter and my blog, you know that I am one of the most outspoken, and honest people. I don’t do, nor like bullshit, so will NEVER dish it to anyone who reads what I write. What do I have to gain from complimenting Bunmi? Absolutely nothing. There are some folks who may find Bunmi pretty/attractive/beautiful but afraid to say it as they are concerned about the opinions others may throw at them for doing so. Not me.

Like I said… I stand by what I said.

And it’s fucking sad that in 2011 I have to sit here and type in my defense that I find this particular Black woman beautiful all because in your head she doesn’t conform to YOUR standard of beauty.

I can respect other people’s opinions if they didn’t find her attractive, because as an ADULT I realise and understand that opinion of individuals vary. No one person on the planet is everyone’s cup of tea when it comes to ticking boxes in the looks department. Keep your opinion about Bunmi real and true to YOU, and don’t go around trying to disparage MY opinion of her.

I hope you’ve learned something for the day.

**now excuse me whilst I go off to bow down in front of my shrine of lightskindness and ‘good hurr’ images**

-Some of my people seriously need to get well soon in this day and age. I need to find the cure, bottle it and sell it."
Female MC Amplify Dot

Whether you find Bunmi beautiful or not is irrelevant. Like I stated in my comment everyone has different standards of what they find beautiful and I really don't expect people to agree with me...but to call me out and saying I'm lying in regard to my opinion on this particular woman....Jesus, Mary, Joseph, the Three Wise Men and the donkey NO!

I am able to look past FHM and Victoria's Secret and see past the European standard of beauty that has been shoved down the throat of Black women for eons.

I can't be fake, I can't lie about things like that. My honesty at times has gotten me into trouble, fuelled fires in relationships and friendships, all because people couldn't handle it. I see another instance where this is well and truly the case.

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