27 Nov 2008

Going Back In Time In 2009

It has been well over 2 months and I'm still waiting for my friend to get back to me about the New Kids on the Block concert in January. It's a good thing I didn't book back then for the O2 show because that coincides with my trip to the US for President Obama's inauguration and would of had to sell my ticket.

So I'm there getting the browsers all ready and making sure my debit details are up to date so I can purchase my Coldplay and Jay-Z tickets tomorrow morning as soon as I get into work, and I see NKOTB have added another date and it gets better, the front is standing only. **Jumps in the air** I have a concert rule, if I can't be near the front seated then it has to be a standing event because I'm one of those get right to the front fans, otherwise it's just not worth going.

29 years old and my dreams are coming true. I'll be able to see Danny, Jon, Jordan, Joey and my beloved Donnie right before my very eyes. It's all worked out. I get to go to the US and then the weekend I'm back go and see NKOTB on the Sunday and relive my pre-teen childhood for a few hours. I'll never get this opportunity again and when they came on the scene I was too young to go to a concert plus my mother would have never ever paid for a ticket.

I keep on saying it. Don't wait on anybody, just do you and go!! I think aside from the Mariah Carey and Linkin Park & Jay-Z concert I've been to all the others by myself.


Now if Prince does a stint in Vegas I'll be even happier.

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