29 Dec 2008

Closing Thoughts of The Day

  • This is my 10th blog today. I think that's a record for me. And a sign I'm addicted.
  • I guess I have a lot to say.
  • Me and the upcoming cold are fighting, although this doesn't feel like any regular cold, there is no sneezing or coughing. I'm talking about feeling exhausted, hot and cold and this weird sensation in my chest.
  • Realistically, I don't think I'll be going anywhere on New Years. I really wanted to but I don't know how to read a calendar it seems and only now have realised there are only 2 days left of 2008. Plus the way I'm feeling to buy a £20-£30 ticket then end up possibly sick **shakes head**
  • Maybe I should take my bottle of champagne which I've had since 2003 and take it to my friends house to celebrate New Ye....Maybe not!!!
  • I'll go without the champagne. **Nods**
  • I have no energy to pay my bills online, but plenty of energy to blog...I'll do it in the morning there'll be nothing to do at work anyway.
  • Why is it when you feel a cold coming on you're always hungry as hell? You finish eating and are still hungry? My belly has the nerve to growl as the food is going down!
  • If anyone knows where I can buy a really nice Union Jack T-Shirt [not for me] point me in the right direction. And none of those London tourist stalls.
  • I'm feeling mash up, am sitting in a shower cap post bath [why???? 2 hours on] still have my make-up on and still manage to feel fierce from this morning.
  • Paradise Lost or Gone Baby Gone and pre-bedtime viewing?
  • Do I tell W.L.T. I'm attracted to him or just shut the hell up? The latter seems more appropriate. But then life is short! But Men are from Mars and have no clue! LD zip it. SHUT UP! SHUT UP!


  1. Try some Echinacea for fighting that cold/flu, you can get it from any health shop. Health shop versions (in link below) are better than the boots/superdrug versions.


    It's herbal and boosts your immune system. Just put some drops in water or juice up to 3 times a day for a week (probably won't even need to for that long)

  2. Thanks K,

    I'll pop into the holland & barrett next door (if it's open and get some)

    Much appreciated!



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