29 Dec 2008

She Had To Have It - Jones Bootmaker

This is so NOT my shoe store. I happened to be on my way to the tube station on the way home and just popped in because I know they did my size. I happen to be a UK 9 [US 11], I don't feel any way about my shoe size [like I'm supposed to be embarrassed or something] I'm in total proportion with my height [5'8], and funnily enough people never believe me when I tell them I'm a 9 they always guess 7 or 8, so I know I don't look like I possess boats. Anyhow I digress....

I order pretty much 95% of my shoes from US stores and have them shipped over...cheaper...more bang for my buck...more choice...more style...more leather options.

I only do leather and patent leather where I can. None of this plastic Primark rubbish on my feet, I've had two foot operations in the past 6 years [cut right open, bones sawn and screwed back in place] so I take extra care of my feet where I notice a lot of people don't even give it a second thought. When you are out of it for two months at a time and cannot walk you learn to appreciate the use of your legs and feet like no other. There I bloody go digressing again...

So shoes...yes! I basically bought a pair if I'd have seen online wouldn't have even blinked twice at. I was surprised there were 9's to choose from and this one fit like a glove.

Reduced from £120 to £49 this shoe I can HONESTLY say looks so much better in person and on than in the picture. It does it no justice. Even the 'unattractive heel' [I'm strictly a stiletto girl 95% of the time] works for me.

Makes sense really. Most of the pretty shoes I've seen look like hot trash up close.

They fit and were comfortable. Not much breaking in it seems either, although I will still be using my shoe stretch spray and stretching each shoe a little before wear.

The model is called One Cookson and they also come in grey and actually has a hidden platform.

Makes me wonder how many other shoes I've left behind because I thought they looked a lil off when online shopping.

I'm gonna call this my ugly/pretty shoe. Ugly picture. Pretty on me. This is like dating an ugly man who has a beautiful personality but brings out the best in you...But they'll only be seen at the office!

...OMG I really need to go and lie down.


  1. http://www.large-size-designer-shoes.co.uk/

    Saw this in the London Paper today, thought you'd be interested. I checked it out and although its not great, I found a couple of things I'd wear

  2. THANK YOU Special K!!! I'll take a look a lil later.


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