12 Dec 2008

I Am...Going To The Beyoncé Concert

I decided that I was going to see what my chances were of getting a ticket. Managed to snag a floor seat ticket for the 25th May 09 show at the O2 Arena, but the prices are becoming totally ridiculous. A total of £58.75 to see a 2 hour [if that] show!! …Whatever, it's the price you pay to make others rich I suppose and nobody forced me to part with my cash. I'm not partial to the full Beyoncé music catalog to be honest, and seeing as the impending world tour of Mariah Carey has rumoured to be called off due to the fact she may actually be pregnant, I thought what the hell, why not. It will be a great show I'm sure. I've read on the forum people who weren't even fans of hers went to a show knowing it would be good and said it was. Three concerts, the Royal Ballet and three vacations planned and paid for in 2009 to look forward to already and we haven't even had Christmas 08 yet. Just think if I'd have waited to ask friend 1, 2, 3, and 4 if they wanted to come with, those floor seats would have gone with the quickness and I'd probably still be waiting for a response in April 2009.


  1. After watching her x-factor performance I thought to myself I would actually love to go to her concert. I'm sure you'll get value for your money. I'm off to see if there are any tickets left!

  2. K there is another O2 date added May 26th. I just checked you can get a floor seat so the tickets are still readily available.


  3. Got them, I'm mad though because I'm on O2 and they should have sent me a text BEFORE the tickets went on sale at 9am but I got the text at 3pm!! Anyway, I'll be on the floor, block C, not the best but it'll do.

  4. I thought O2 customers had 48 hr priority? I booked my tickets at 9:15am I could have got a better seat if my tube wasn't delayed. Grrrr. I'm in floor seat block B. Don't know if you've been to the O2 before but the view should be decent as although it's a 20,000 seater venue it's quite small inside in my opinion. I saw Prince [in the round] there and was on Level 1 and still had a good view.


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