13 Dec 2008

If She's Pregnant, Leave The Woman Alone!

I'm talking about Mariah Carey. Rumours surrounding the fact that she indeed maybe pregnant. I think she is to be honest, but I'm a NORMAL human being who isn't writing dumb messages on blogs that read to the like "why don't they just announce it already and stop acting stupid about it all."

OK you know something...this really vexes me because I thought people were aware that with pregnancy being overall risky, that the first few months are the most riskiest with the possibility of miscarriage. Even your everyday average run of the mill mother-to-be waits to announce pregnancy to friends and family once they've been given the OK or had the first scan. This is NOT uncommon.

Why do people act so brand new? Mariah and Nick aren't doing anything divaish about their decision to keep quiet. It's for the best and even better for them as their private life is so public. What do people want? For them to announce 48 hours after unprotected sex they're pregnant, go public, an unfortunate miscarriage occurs and they have to then tell their business and grieve about it in the eyes of the public? To be honest as a diehard fan, I wish her well with her marriage and career but I wouldn't feel put out if she didn't even announce anything officially and just went ahead and had her child in the months to come. Mariah and the other celebrities alike don't owe us a damn thing. I expect to be enterained, inspired and moved when I purchase a CD of hers and that I am, so she's fine with me. The rest of it I'll happily respect her privacy. I know and understand that this comes with the job of being a celebrity, but it doesn't mean every little bit of information should be dug up for our pleasure.

I for one don't want to hear of any celeb announcing officially to the world they are pregnant below three months. As she's not even showing [if pregnant] it's obvious she's in the very early stages.

Y'all know I'm no damn celebrity but I tell you this. When I get married and have my children, I'll be keeping it between myself and my husband for two to three months or maybe a bit longer. Anyone close to me that wants to get mad, get mad. People will know in due time. I know what I'm like, if [God forbid] I'd have to endure the misfortune of miscarrying I'd just want to deal with it privately, very privately.

Pics of Mariah Carey taken December 12th

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