14 Dec 2008

Mad Is Not Even The Word

I went to my little cousin's 7th birthday party today. Her birthday was on Friday. Afterwards I went back to my aunts house with my cousin, my sister and our niece. My sister was having the girls for the night [we're all lunching tomorrow] so we went back to drop all the presents off and get her things for the night.

So while all of that is going on my aunt fills me in on the hard time my little bunny has been having at school. A hard enough time that my aunt wants her moved from class, and will start looking for a new school in the New Year. A hard enough time my little cousin has nobody to play with at school. A hard enough time that my aunt noticed two small patches of missing hair in her head that we both think is a result of stress from this all. One of these little bitches told my cousin to her face that she and some other girls were going to come to her party to beat her up. The little wench has no idea who her family are I suppose. There was more, but at 3am I'm too tired to list it all. I'd heard enough by then. I was trying so hard not to break down in front of my aunt. This evening I cannot lie I have been depressed as hell, low is not even the word. That little girl is my heart. I was right in the room when she was born. I cut her cord and I was the first one in the world to hold her. She's not like me or my sister who would slap a bitch in an instant, she's a sweet girl, the sweetest I know, but I know she's flipped already because she threatened to "slap the white off a girl" at school. Good on her too. And that's not like her.

She told her mum the reason she thinks this is happening is because she's black. She's the only black one in her class and she's the top of her class, Level 9 and the bitches are on Level 6 and 30 shades lighter than she is. She's already said she wants to go to Oxford University and become a heart surgeon [I don't know if Oxford is the right institution for that but at least she has high hopes]. She goes to a private school, and my aunt will be looking for another more mixed private school. I can honestly say my heart broke today for her. At 6 years old I knew nothing about prejudice and I was in school over 20 years ago and this BS is still going on in schools but are exposed to this at a much earlier age in life in 2008.

I couldn't even utter the word "hello" when I called Mrs H this evening, I just broke down. I just take comfort in the fact that my cousin talks to her mother and has plenty of people in her family that love and support her. I'm going to have to pull her aside tomorrow and let her know I'm here for her whenever she wants to come over and stay or call me on the phone, just reiterate that to her. There are kids under the age of 10 killing themselves because of similar situations. I will be damned if my cousin gets that affected that she has problems in later life, because I'll probably end up having a problem too and it's called jail time. When it comes to family I do not need to be tested in any capacity.


  1. I already feel for your cousin!Its such a shame that this BS is going on in this country and its all because of colour. I'm just glad that you're going to be there for her coz that's the support she'll definitely need and appreciate!
    First time on your blog and am absolutely loving it!!

  2. Thanks for showing the 'blog love' I appreciate that. I had a little chat with her today and made sure she knew I was here for her and had her back. I think she felt 10 feet tall when I told her if anybody messes with her they'll have me to answer to.

  3. Awwww, so sad. I'm telling you, parents need to put their children in order. If I ever heard of my daughter doing such things to others, I am breaking her tail. But you never know, they might be getting this from their parent. Awww....GOD bless her sweet little self.


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