11 Dec 2008

Movie Review: The Quantum Of Solace

Absolute Shit!

All that hype about the theme tune for about a year, Amy Winehouse. Mark Ronson. She's too cracked out. Mark is pissed at Amy at a half done track. 10 other names get mentioned. Alicia and the weird dude who married his [not real] sister from the White Stripes came up with the with the worst Bond Theme tune EVER created. Bring back Shirley effin Bassey and YES TJ I agree with your blog...GO BACK TO THE OLD Bond format. Although not a fan from when I was a tiny tot and we had 4 channels every Bank Holiday I was glued to a Bond movie.
Can't review the movie because it was god awful. What in the hell was the storyline? Was there even one?



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  1. See , Great minds think alike. It was just too dark for me and you took me back to the old days when we just had 4 tv channels and yes my mom was hooked on Bond and thats how i became a fan of Bond and the Avengers and thats when it was free to watch Muhammad Ali fights and Channel 4 was the stepchild channel that nobody really watched and i remember watching the infamous Roots in 77 and remember when Elvis died and watched Elvis Movie Marathons for days.

    You made me go back in time for a minute. I am old for real lol.


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