11 Dec 2008

Movie Review: The Day The Earth Stood Still

More like 'The Day I Wanted My 1hr & 45 Minutes Back'

I've not seen the 1951 original and I don't want to. This movie was straight up pants. The trailer looked good the cast line up I didn't have a problem with. Keanu Reeves, Jennifer Connelly's acting were fine in this movie. The actors WERE NOT THE PROBLEM. Will Smith's son Jaden was a main character and let me just say this little boy can act. He's a little black, male Dakota Fanning [meaning a great child actor] and if both of these actors keep up the good work in good roles I can see Oscar nods heading their way in years to come. He was a little natural and very convincing not like that Macauly Culkin in 1990 who said his lines like he was reading them from an autocue all still and stiff. To be honest I was scared by little Jaden because he was excellent in his role as the spoiled brat stepson. He has acting in his blood no doubt about that. I love all the Smiths Jada, Will, Willow and Jaden but not biased enough to differentiate good acting from bad. He even cried with conviction. Will and Jada have taught him well. If you've got Hollywood parents you may as well get in the game because with Will Smith as your dad, your life isn't going to be normal anyway, so whats a few movie roles thrown in here and there.

Back to the movie


............OK it started of like "yes I can see this being really good" you squirm in your seat, munch on the popcorn, sip on the coke, then 40 minutes pass. "OK this is just a little lull, all movies dip then peak again. It'll bounce back." Munch some more popcorn, drink some more coke, eyes glued to the screen "I've been in here an hour and thirty minutes and there are 15 minutes to go and 12 of those minutes are credits, what the fuck is happening in this movie? No....No....tell me this isn't the end??? This dry ending can't be it? This is supposed to be a Hollywood blockbuster. Why aren't there no busting of blocks going on?"
Darkness falls across the whole cinema.

Credits roll.
People get up. Moaning. Cussing. Kissing their teeth.
I sit in the darkness thinking magically someway, somehow the credits are an early April's fool joke on December 10th and it will dart back to the movie.
It doesn't happen. This is the end of the movie. I have to accept that it was indeed shit.
The analogy I gave my buddy on Facebook to sum up the film. Imagine the finest man you've ever seen. You fall in love and get to the bizness only to find out the dinkle resembles a baby carrot!! Great build up, HUGE letdown, and left saying "what the hell is that?"


  1. lololololololololololololololol!!! I saw this movie this past weekend. I can see your point but I have to admit, I liked it a bit.

  2. I like it a bit too...the first 30-40 mins. It was a great build up to what you thought was going to be a great movie.

  3. I saw this last night. I was feeling it. The end was unconvincing, though. What did Keanu see that suddenly made him save the world? I think a 'destroy all humans' ending would have been fitting.

    On the whole I was entertained.


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