19 Dec 2008

Thoughts Of The Day

  • Tomorrow is the last 1st. The last 1st anniversary of my godson's death. We've dealt with the 1st birthday and his parents have dealt with the 1st wedding anniversary and 1st Christmas without him. He died on the 20th, their anniversary is on the 23rd and Christmas is on the 25th. What a December for them.
  • I don't do cemeteries after the funeral, but if she's up to it I've hired a car and will go tomorrow.
  • Hmmm these boys are going to the pub for Christmas drinks. Wonder if I can sneak out for say a 1.5 hour lunch and head to Peckham to get some hair products. **Inserts evil grin here**
  • As much as I'm looking forward to 2009 I am not in any hurry for 2008 to end. Roman [my godson] was here for a very short time and I've learnt to appreciate life and every day to the fullest instead of wishing each day away.
  • Is it possible to have too many goals?
  • I really need to start managing my free time a lot better than I have been these past few months.
  • Just spoke to Mrs H and she was telling me she and her husband want to learn a trade. She wants to do electrical engineering and her husband plumbing. Electrical engineering sounds right up my street. My mother told me when I was 9 and fixed the VCR that had been dead for years that I've always been good at things like that…Plus the way the financial industry is going it's a good idea to keep your options open…hence doing the TEFL course in January. Maybe another thing to add to the list, plus plumbers and engineers are well paid tradesmen.
  • I went to see the doctor this morning. My leg is STILL playing up since I came back from Thailand and Malaysia. Deep Vein Thrombosis was ruled out when I got it checked a few weeks ago, but now I'm going to be tested for thrombosis. One of my aunts have it and it can be inherited [not a lot of people know that]. I shouldn't be waking up in the morning with an aching right leg just from sleeping on that side. So in January I'll know what the deal is.
  • Plans for a property purchase in 09 will be my major goal. No overpriced home in the UK that's for sure. I don't care how much they go down by it's not happening. And no typical holiday home in Spain or Florida like MOST Brits do. A nice little vacay condo home in Dallas will do, and those things are bloody cheap compared to what we pay over here. Why do people insist on buying in Florida anyway? Every damn year that place is hit by that almighty breeze aka Hurricane.
  • What is going on with my black British sisters? The lopsided weaves and the uncared for tresses are killing me. And you wonder why you can't get a man? I'm sorry if I was a black man I'd be a little pissed at my UK options for some black women too. The amount that pass me by on a daily basis that are just unkempt is crazy. They need to take note from the Houston ladies. Now those women are on point just going to the store for milk and bread even in shorts and a T-shirt. Un-chipped nail polish, non-ashy lips and neat hair will suffice. Why is that so hard for starters?
  • With regard to the above thought, don't tut at me or shake your head. You know you've thought the very same thing when you've seen too many sistas look a hot ghetto and un-ghetto mess. THEN have the nerve to complain about not having a man.
  • Haven't heard about a knife crime incident in the capital for a little while. Are the police finally getting a hold on things or is it because I'm not exposing myself to bad news purposefully that I'm not hearing about it as such?
  • It's black [trying to get away from black dresses] but I'm really feeling this Ted Baker dress for a gala dinner I'm attending in Virginia in January.
  • I am very excited about my trip to the MD/DC in January. I can't wait. Everything will be hella expensive, busy and just packed but the experience of being on US soil when the 1st Black President is being sworn in enough and so worth it.
  • I wonder if the Tilly Jaeger bag [in dark green and looks much better in real life than that picture] I've had my eye on since it came in the store is reduced yet? I should really wait till January to get it. If I buy it now I KNOW I'll be pissed if I see it cheaper than it already is. [Just checked] It's still bloody £299!!
  • Even though we are approximately 23 months and 17 days apart people ask [when they see us] who is the oldest our of me and my sister. That never used to happen years ago. I must have temporarily stopped aging for a while and she's caught up. I know it bugs her as she introduces me as her 'older' sister.
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    1. loving the Ted baker dress!!!Hear you about the jacked up hair n all...i always wonder why oh why you leave ur house looking like that!!


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