17 Dec 2008

Say What?: Part 6 - That Is The Dumbest Thing I Have Ever Heard!!!

I'm sitting here at work and just logged right on to blog about this.
How in the hell are you as a man going to buy someone a star as a gift and name it after her.?
These dumb heifers in the office are cooing about "awwww isn't that sweet."
In my straight up Bernie Mac and Chris Rock voice "that is the dumbest shit I've ever heard of!"
Take note ladies, it's dumbass men like this that get taken for every penny, half after the divorce and cheated on right under their noses.
The punkass boyfriend doesn't even know where the star is in the MF'ing galaxy and how are you going to pay a company to own something they don't even own? It's probably hovering over Vietnam at the moment. And she'll find and see this star when, out of an estimated 100 billion stars?
Look I named that star pictured LondonDiva, bet you can't guess which one it is? To the left, to the left. Up a bit!
See how dumb that concept it?

Take her to a hilltop at night point to a star and say "I name that star after you." she'll think it's sweet and you've saved yourself fifty quid, and might even get some for the night.


  1. Maybe they got the idea from After7 the R&B group . You know how they promise they will give a woman things they dont own like the sun, stars and moon lol.
    I must say it sounds like a nice line though for the gullible. You know u want the big dipper named after you lol.

  2. Gurrrrl, I read and I laughed so hard at your post. You are soo right. People are starving all around the world. Please, I'm about starving while people just throw their money away to the wind. Now, get this one. Did you know they are selling land on the moon? Yes, it's true! This crazy,company is a real estate company that specializes selling land lots on the freakin MOON! Of course they are based right here in the U S of A. Somehow, it's legal. Stupid as it sounds, but I saw it on PBS,NO JOKE! Too bad I don't know the name of that company. You can probably find it on the net. These idiots makin money fo real. What will they sell next-a "swatch" from the ozone layer to protect us from the UA/UB sun rays? Maybe we should quit our day jobs and sell "ozone swatches."

  3. Hahahaha! Thanks for the laugh, but everything you said is sooooo true!

  4. LMAO!!!Girl, this is so true, I would definitely tell him to take that star back...shooot, so many stars in the sky and which one is mine??Aww hell noo, you dont buy me something that I can see everyday!!!
    Thanks for the laugh hon..xoxo


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