2 Dec 2008

Website Recommendation

If you're like me and love shows like Prison Break, 24 and Heroes and oldies like The Cosby Show and A Different World then this maybe the site for you.

TV Shows On DVD

I've been registered for a few years now. A site dedicated to giving you all the news on all of your favourite TV Shows on DVD already released and soon to be released. A huge following on this site can even prompt the big wigs to hurry up a release that the fans feel worthy of a release. You won't need another site to tell you when your fave TV show is coming to an Amazon near you, for even when the DVD cover sleeve art is released if you are signed up for bulletins for that show then it will tell you all about that too and any possible delays to release, if any.

The best bit for me is the wish list type function it has so you can list all of the DVDs you want and all of the ones you currently own [I currently have 93 TV show boxsets]. A quick link will take you to Amazon [USA] to purchase, or just knowing the release date you can head toward your favourite site like Amazon [UK] or Play.

Definitely one to bookmark if you're a DVD fanatic like myself.

Just added 24 Redemption [Extended Edition] and The Wire Season 2 to my collection. [Now 94 and 95]


  1. Girl The Wire is one of my favorite shows of all time. Dh has been buying me the dvd sets as gifts this year. My collection is almost complete. Q

  2. I've had my season 2 sent to my parents house. My mum loves it. I have the first season but haven't gotten around to watching it yet. I will though I've heard great things about it and my mum is hooked!!

  3. Since i dont watch cable these box sets come in handy. I have received a couple of "The Wire" boxsets as gifts because i started watching it as soon as it came out and wasnt cool yet with U.K's own Idris Elba aka Stringer Bell and i have personally purchased the Boondocks first season which was toally hilarious which unfortunately i cant say the same for season 2. I only watch one other show on TV and that is "Entourage" and will probably get the whole box set and take with me on one of my trips and watch all weekend and eat junk food and pig out all day.

  4. I think I am going to ask Santa to get The Wire for me. I use to live in Baltimore, so it brings back a lot of memories....not that I lived in those areas but you know.


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