9 Dec 2008

What's Your Addiction?

What are you addicted to buying, doing or just having in your life?
For me [in no particular order]
My Blackberry. If I leave home without it which happens maybe twice a year I am just lost. I'm forever flicking through it checking, e-mails, messages, texts etc. It goes everywhere with me. I love it.
The Internet. Take it away and I'm like her in the picture.
DVDs. The only person borrowing mine are my mama [that includes daddy too]. Don't touch em, they are alphabetised, and stacked beautifully in order. I must have at least 500 by now. I don't even watch TV except for X-Factor and Harry Hill's TV Burp at the moment. It's movies or TV shows. I don't even know what the major headline is in the news at the moment [due to a media ban in my life]
My ipod. Nuff said.

1 comment:

  1. Shopping is my Addiction especially watches and Diesel brands. BTW i got my Rose Gold Watch.

    Internet is a close second. I once went on a vacation this year and i had no internet and i felt i was without my bestfriend. It just makes my life easier. I can do more research about the new place and i can also keep up with my cyber world.

    I am also addicted to taking surveys and finding more ways to earn miles.


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