6 Jan 2009

Cheap Beauty Tip - [Milk] Bath Time

Lord have mercy, it's cold!! With temperatures estimated to drop to -10 degrees in London town over the coming week, the artificial heat has to be turned up and showers and baths maybe just a little hotter than usual to combat the New Year cold. Living in London we are at a disadvantage with the bad weather and the VERY hard water.

I've resorted to taking baths in the evening as well as a morning shower, rather than showering twice a day, it gives me time to do my multi-tasking, relaxing and reading in peace away from the cell phones on the train journey home. To combat the dry skin, bubble baths are not enough in my opinion and need a multitude of things added to the bath water to cut that hardness right out so it doesn't affect my skin until I invest in an installed water softener for the whole system in my house.

These run in the region of £350-1000+ and benefit everything used by water in your home from your washing machine, limescale the kettle, better heating, to skin and hair improving with the constant use of much softer water. Always wonder why when you go overseas your skin feels better? It's most probably and usually the water. I'm so pissed countries like Thailand have better quality water, and ours is laced with so much crap. Click here for an explanation on how effective hard water softeners actually are.

A pipe full of scale. I can see how the heating in a home can definitely be affected.
I picked up some extra virgin olive oil [EVOO] from Tesco this evening for £1.28 and had some Organic whole milk a few days past due left in the fridge. If you have any milk which is not fit for consuming, don't throw it away [unless it's got stuff growing on it] add it to the bath under running water along with a capful or two of the EVOO. That was my particular bath mix this evening a long with a few squirts of Johnson's PH 5.5 running under the tap for a few bubbles. And it was simply fabulous! I'm going to never bath with just bubbles alone again!! You can be creative with it and add a few essential oils like Lavender for night-time relaxation.

Don't worry if the bath water is too oily just use your soap/shower creme and the suds will break the oil down so it's not glued to your skin.

You can add other oils or substitute olive oil for coconut oil or avocado oil. I have some coconut oil that could do with some using up that I will use eventually. Honey is another natural product you can also add to the bathwater as well as:
  • Oatmeal
  • Seaweed [I take a seaweed bath about once a week]*
  • Dead Sea Salt
  • Bergamont essential oil
  • Butters such as cocoa and Shea butter [unrefined]
  • Emu Oil
The list is endless to the different types of baths you can conjure up with natural products lying around your home.

*I purchase my 100% natural seaweed powder from this seller on eBay for £6.99, the product is called Marine Gold.

TIP: Unless it's a salt scrub refrain from doing a body scrub in an oil based bath. All of the particles will stick to your skin.

Taken from Wikipedia
Milk baths are said to utilise lactic acid an alpha hydroxy acid, to dissolve the proteins which hold together dead skin cells.

Proponents say that the natural properties of milk help to:

  • Soften/Smooth
  • Exfoliate
  • Make visible new, fresh cells
  • Accelerate skin cell renewal
  • Moisturize
  • Relieve stress
Read here about eczema and the benefits of softened water

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  1. After all that talk i am now feeling hungry.

    I love some lavendar. I keep a bottle with me and it helps me sleep whenever i have sleep issues by dropping a couple of drops on my pillow and works like a charm. I have tried the oil thing but it scared the fuck out of me when was done with the bath cos my bath looked nasty so i definitely need something to break down the oil simply without me freaking out. I miss bubble baths cos my stupid bath doesnt hold water so i plan to gut it out soon and get a clawfoot tub that actually has a real stopper.


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