6 Jan 2009

Happy Birthday To Me!!!

On July 18th I celebrate my 30th birthday, but decided from last year along with my friend to celebrate it as soon as it hit January 1st and for the whole year.

I have no idea why a lot of people turn foolish and afraid of approaching and becoming the big 3-0, I personally am looking forward to it and far from scared or afraid. You can say you're 21 as much as your like, you're still old as hell so why not embrace it. And those types of people, especially women get on my last nerve hiding or denying their ages.

So this year I'm going to be 'extra' and very Diva-ish with it. I'll be buying myself presents, a nice one every month [today Swarovski]. Me and my friend who's also doing the same will be dining out for a birthday dinner every month at a nice restaurant. Vacations, the ballet in February, the official family birthday dinner somewhere very plush and the official Vegas trip on June 19th slap bang in the middle of our birthdays, hers is May 20th, mine is July 18th. And whatever else we can conjure up as we go along!

I'm only going to be turning 30 once, and yes as I've said before life is too short. So rather than cram everything into just one night spreading it over the course of a year seems more appropriate and why not. Life should be about celebrating it to the fullest and especially birthdays. You've been blessed to see in another year!!

If you have any ideas of what the next 11 self-giving gifts should be then don't hesitate to let me know.

Happy Birthday and Happy 2009!!


  1. You go on girl!! Be the diva all 2k9!!!

  2. Girl, people can look at crazy and think I am crazy, I don't care. I want to enjoy this one to the fullest especially as I'm looking forward to hitting the big 3-0!!!


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