12 Jan 2009

Familiarity Breeds Contempt

This is what's known as an idiom.

I say it because I don't know if you sometimes feel that people get a little too familiar with you where they think they can:
  • Go the extra [negative] mile.
  • Take the piss.
  • Think because you're friends/colleagues/family that they can 'ramp' with you for better sense of the word.
  • Say something out of turn thinking it's funny/clever when it's actually disrespectful.

Not actually realising that as a friend/colleague/family member you're not exempt and if you cross the line with me, I will put my foot up your ass and tell you about yourself.

I'm a laid back kind of gal. I don't bother people unless they bother me. I have my real 'act the fool' moments where I possess the inner qualities of a child. Then there is also that other side to me that just like that *snaps fingers* I'm as serious as a mutha if you push my buttons. There's a difference to being a joker and being rude and offensive. People are grown and should know the distinct difference between the two. Are people even aware of boundaries anymore and what is deemed as acceptable and what isn't?

Like I've said to some folks that rock the boat a little, "don't get too comfortable with me for me to have to tell you about yourself." I used to think that I was a joker way too much and should act more serious to avoid this happening. Then I thought that if I'm capable of being non-offensive to people, then what the hell am I adapting my ways for when I'm aware of how someone can be pissed off from the words coming out of my mouth.

I seriously don't look/act soft, so why some folks act like I am is beyond me.

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