12 Jan 2009

Thoughts Of The Day

  • Is it me or do a lot of white folks just fling their parents in nursing homes, where blacks are more likely inclined to all pull together as a family and take on the responsibility and take care of the parents? I'm saying from what I see and hear. Even my fave LBC presenter Steve Allen [who's white] said "what is it about white people who throw their parents in homes where blacks and Asians are more likely to look after their parents. A home is not even a option for my parents, I guess I'd have to live a very difficult yet dedicated life to them in their later years.
  • My long blue dress came and long it is. Even in heels standing at 6ft 1 the dress still touches the floor. There is going to be a lot of hitching up going on. But it's fits like a dream.
  • I've not even used the Internet this weekend at all.
  • My boss is a prize asshole. Why say on Friday at 7pm, "Don't stay here all night finishing that off" but Monday you want to give me 20 minutes to complete the same said thing I was willing to stay behind on Friday for? As a black woman I can't tek dis foolishness, I'm this close to going Jamaican on him. Luckily, I get paid for every minute I sit here. Like I said last week, I'm not listening to him anymore.
  • How is my friend going to talk about losing weight then I call her back 20 minutes later and she's eating Mac n Cheese?
  • I really hate it when people try and figure me out/know what I'm about and they've known me for five minutes. Please don't try and tell me about myself when I already know. Ask me, don't assume you'll only end up looking like an idiot.
  • Oh my goodness I got the most honest and sincere message from 'that guy' [formerly known as W.L.T] yesterday and 24 hours later I'm still speechless as a mutha. Now THAT'S how a man is supposed to handle his business and go for what he wants. None of this bullshit pussyfooting around! **fans oneself**
  • With regard to the above I called Mrs H and told her what he said, even she was having heart palpitations, speechless, the whole nine. I was laughing so hard I had to remind her she was indeed married.
  • Tonight is the night to pack and do everything. I have another blood test tomorrow as they botched it up, so don't have to be up early and can get a lot done. I don't want to still be packing come Tuesday.
  • **Being Noesy** These chit chat women were talking about Clinique's 8 Hour stay lip gloss and saying that it actually worked. Hmmmmm I was going to MAC at House of Fraser today may just get my make -up sponges from there and then onto the Clinique counter to check out this gloss.
  • If this heifer asks me when I'm going on holiday I'm gonna scream [on the inside!] and not even answer her.
  • Prince Harry is an outright racist! No excuse. Nothing to do with him being young or in the army. Stick him in Brixton or Peckham and see how well he can cope with his army training. Are we [blacks] next on Harry's 'taunt' list, I mean the Jews and Asians have had theirs. Another Prince Philip in my opinion.


  1. I also hate peeps who assume...assumption is the greatest muthaf***...just ask!!

    Now gurl u know Shona's life is boring @ the moment care to share what Mr formerly WLTM said??...lol...or is it fat chance of that happening??..lol...

  2. I will e-mail it to your yahoo account listed on your blog dashboard from my work address.

    Girl I wouldn't even know how to even break it down. I'm all a fluster!

  3. and i dont even blame you girl!!!WOW!!!

  4. Most blacks cant afford nursing homes anyway besides thats what we have the big bed in the living room for. I hate to say it though but the more we admire western folks and want to be like them it wont be long b4 we start shipping them off. A friend of mine who is a nurse told me the most heartwarming story several years agon when a black lady had to send her mom to a nursing home but since she was a nurse she transfered to the same home and worked the night shift to look after her mom every nite.


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