21 Jan 2009

President Barack Hussein Obama: I Was There When History Was Made!

I was one of the most fortunate people to be an American flag waving visitor to the USA to witness the swearing in of President Barack Hussein Obama. Oh my goodness it feels so good to type that! I'm just gonna tell it straight, I'm on such a high right now and forever more that I don't even wanna read anything negative pertaining to this blog post in the form of comments. Trust me I'll just delete em, there are enough anti-Obama blogs for y'all to go look at.

I am so shattered from being up at 5am to head down to The Mall in front The Capitol. It was cold, but I was prepared in every way imaginable but it was so worth it.

Right now as I type this I am back at Silver Spring, MD watching all of the news coverage [still holding back the tears] and seeing all of the people just overjoyed and so emotional at the achievements of today.

WARNING: The following contains a lot of genuine gushing so if you're partial to being sick then this isn't the place for you.

The American Princesses, yes that's what I'm calling them, the beautiful black beauties that are Malia and Sasha, those little girls are my heart, I love em to death. And didn't they look so beautiful today. Sasha is a straight up trip I swear.

First Lady Michelle Obama...beautiful! I love this woman with a passion. She looked so gorgeous today, and a lady she is. Thank god there is another black woman our girls can look up to and hopefully accomplishmetnts achieved by many women here on now that surpass those of dancing around a pole and appearing in music videos. A lot of us are on the right path, KUDOS to you ladies, though there are others that must strive harder. Michelle isn't a bad place to start for inspiration to look up to if you must. Smart, beautiful, educated, married to a man who loves her to death, the mother of two beautiful children and now the First Lady. Go on an hate if you will, I doubt those that do surpass her achievements.

President Obama, no longer President-Elect.  What a man! History was made today. Oh Lord History was made. I'm tired of the cynics talking about pure and utter bullshit that they cannot even fathom the magnitude of January 20th 2009 and spouting on about him being just another politician, not the first black President as there were others in Africa before him [do we really need to go there.  Do we? Sorry y'all no one is giving a shit about black African Presidents, this is a different history on a different land that have been through diiferent times].  And then there are those fool disputing him claiming his blackness as his mother is a white woman. Funny that, we've always embraced mixed race people and called them as we call our own as black and if President Obama as a black man wants to claim his 'blackness' then he's well within his right.  

The black veterans were crying because they never thought they'd see the day. The citizens of this country I'm currently in [USA] who have dealt with oppression, slavery, not having the right to vote and segregation to now seeing a black man stand up there in front of millions, the biggest turnout ever, and the world over stand before them and become the 44th President of the United States of America.  I have not experienced this as a black American, but to a degree as a black woman I've felt for them. Like I cried November 5th [as we were 5 hours ahead when announced] and just like I cried today January 20th whilst praying standing on The Mall, I felt even for just a moment a connection as standing with friends in Washington DC from Atlanta surrounded by people the world over just what this meant to everyone. 

I pray Obama does right by the USA and the world.
I pray Obama is the best President the world has ever seen.
I pray Obama does such a fantastic job that he makes it to a second term.
I pray that during these times the First Family are kept exptremely safe and out of harms way.

I am SO blessed to have stood on US soil today to witness this historic occasion to one day say to my own Malia and Sasha that mummy was there witnessing history being made.


  1. Hey hon!!!
    I so wish I was there!!!!But I can tell you this, my tv was on BBC news the whole of last nite, switched over to BBC2 to watch the Obama story once again, the tears welled up, my bossom swelled up with pride, I really felt connected..gosh..and the part he put the Chief Justice in check when he put 'faithfully' first..I was go on Barack...the pride in using his name Hussein...gurl!! Using the same bible of used by the man who abolished slavery..And then Michelle...wasn't she just looking on point?Now that's FABULOSITY & CLASS&ELEGANCE!! A sista is the First Lady yoh!! And an educated sista who holds her own..she makes me want my own Obama!! Awww Sasha, she looked so adorable and on point too...Malia, a cutie who I think is quite tall for her age...Gosh!!It was just a moment yesterday and today and tommorrow...
    I hope the Obama haters do remember that he's taking over 8 years of George Bush...8 LONG YEARS!!And our Barack has to clean up that mess!!

  2. Ooooh forgot to say hurry back for you are missed xx

  3. I pray he can meet up with all the expectations....

  4. @ Shona, I was missed? Aww that is so sweet. I have missed blogging, but on the flipside it's been nice to take a little break.

    With regard to this Inauguration I was speaking with my friend in Chicago today and we were saying that this really does make you want to strive for a whole lot better in life, it really does.

  5. I had to FORCE my sons to watch more than 15 minutes at a time of the ceremony. I was on CNN from 12:15 until late that night and everyone was fuming. I was SO proud and would have surely been in DC to witness history, too!


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