22 Jan 2009

Thoughts Of The Day

  • It's 4:19am on the East Coast, why am I still up.?
  • I leave tomorrow to go back to London, I really have not missed it at all.
  • Damn how much money did I spend out here?
  • I really am going to immerse myself a hell of a lot more with regard to President Obama's policies and his Administration. 
  • Pinch me! Is the First Family black?
  • Why did my friend only just now tell me that she met First Lady Michelle Obama in her local hair salon in Chi Town last May, sitting right there in the chair next to her all teary eyed.
  • I spent $65 on Obama covered magazines this evening at Borders.
  • This year already 21 days in is going to be a hell of a busy one.
  • Why did I dream I missed the New Kids concert which I'm going to on Sunday.?
  • Why do people continue to call me when I'm overseas and know I'm here. My black ass is NOT picking up that call and that bill for receiving an incoming call thousands of miles away. That's why the radio transmitter on the Blackberry is OFF! No one calls me, but the minute I step out of the country y'all wanna dial my number.
  • 'That guy' is just tooooo sweet. I cannot lie I am smitten. Very smitten. Have I said too much? Shoot I may start acting like Bey & Jay and say nothing.
  • I have 10 days to start and finish my Blog Book Club of the month. I can do it. 
  • Thank God I arrive home Friday morning, I pretty much have the weekend to relax and sleep.
  • Will I be too tired for the NKOTB concert on Sunday? Is it wise to go to a concert on a Sunday before work on Monday and after an overseas trip with potential jet lag?
  • These Apple Mac laptops are not hard to use at all. I've been pretty much anti-laptop for a while. I may get one of these. Hmmm Sony Vaio or Apple Mac?
  • Oh my goodness my skin feels DIVINE! That hard UK water in my house has GOT TO GO, I'll be looking into a water filter system for the house ASAP, if my skin feels this great lord knows what wonders it can do for my hair.
  • I have taken close to 500 pictures on this trip. I think that's a record!
  • I didn't party [except for the balls] on this trip and for once I'm bloody glad I didn't, I was busy and exhausted every day, for what we did it was worth it and too cold to stand in line anywhere for some damn booty shaking and dancing to that DC Go-Go, which isn't bad at all.
  • There was a HUGE queue [which Americans think is funny when I say it, because they say line] for Ben's Chili Bowl in DC today. Obama ate there some weeks ago and now it's the local hot spot. Yes I got pictures of that too.
  • I will definitely do DC again in the summer though and it'll be a different trip the next time around, less tourists and security restrictions around the city.
  • I loved Gina's aunt Jenna, I can definitely see why she says she's her favourite aunt.
  • The DJ on the radio made a valid point this afternoon, he's not bothering with anybody who cannot address President Obama as President. It's no longer Obama or Barack Obama, it's either Mr President or President Obama. Respect the man dammit! And it's First Lady, not Michelle, know your place. I spoke about this last night and even when talking to my friend she referred to the First Lady as the First Lady. You better recognise.
  • I would never curtsy to a British Royal, but bring the First Lady or The President my way and you better believe I will. That lazy cow does nothing in my opinion to warrant all of that bowing and curtsy crap.
  • I think I am now ready for bed. If I was in London I'd be 35 minutes into my work day and probably be blogging my thoughts of the day. I really need to fix up with my Internet usage at work.
  • Can the spell check please recognise the words 'Barack' and 'Obama'? I wonder how long before it's recognised without you having to add the words yourself? Next update of Microsoft perhaps?
  • How cold is it in London at the moment?
  • I think I saw one of the most beautiful black men I have ever seen in my life today. Oh my goodness was that man fine, fine, fine.
  • I had no idea DC was this gay. And I'm talking about black gay. Wooooo chile!! I knew about Atlanta but DC.....It's cool though to me they're harmless, I just can't stand the undercover ones. Just be open and proud.
  • OK I'm off to bed for real now.


  1. Hopefully you get enough rest...gosh how did i miss info on the NKOTB gig??Ah well, I might not have got the tickets as its on a Sunday..
    London has been raining and its about 7degrees today...
    Have a safe trip back girl!!

  2. Have a safe trip back, can't wait to see photos.

  3. I'm glad you had a memorable trip. I can only imagine all the people at the event.
    Yeah GoGo is pretty cool especially if you like to move and shake your thang.
    Yeah DC is very Gay. Its actually number one for Black folks then closely followed by ATL but like you said the main problem is with the DL Brothas that makes it very scary due to AIDS.
    Try and sneak in some rest cos you are gonna need it.
    DC is really cool around spring or summer. There is so much to do like all the Museums and just free events at the park by white house and has a pretty decent night life. Its a toss between Adam's Morgan and Georgetown for most folks and some just go to Maryland to go party.


  4. Don't miss NKOTB. I saw the concert in my city last year. AWESOME!

  5. I did a google search for "Sister Souljah blog" and yours was one of the first to come up. What a coinky dink, we agreed that Winter's dad should be played by the gentelman. I had that discussion with my cuz as teens, once we both finished the book. I am definitely going to re-read TCWE and dig into "Midnight" to see if it was worth the wait!

    Might I add, I find your pieces interesting thus far... Good stuff!


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