12 Jan 2009

Say What?: Part 10 - The Hell You Do Not?

[Re: The Woman in my office] No 37 year old caucasian woman you do not have big lips. You simply do not. Not from where I'm sitting. Angelina is the only 'natural' one that gets a pass, and even then they are full not big.
I don't know why this is a surprise to me when I hear size 6-8 women talking about they have a big bum. They really need to visit a Caribbean or African household, then tell me about big lips and bottom.

They really love a badwagon.

Bottom Implants
Breast Implants
Spray Tan
Lip Injections

Ass, breasts, colour, lips many of the things as black children/girls you were ridiculed for which VERY commonly associated with your race as a black woman, and now everybody wants a piece.

**I added the young Jolie picture as a point prover that she's always been a fulled lipped gal**

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