12 Jan 2009

Showing Some Blog Love - First Date Frenzy

I'm a regular reader of the Raving Black Lunatic's blog, one of the posts he was recommending the readers to check out his friends new blog who is looking for love this year and plans to go on 50 dates or so....BUT....here's the kicker..... they don't qualify for a 2nd date!!

**Insert screw face here**
What kind of love do you expect to find with no 2nd date? Blogger really needs to come up with an MP3 function so I can record myself kissin my teet and load it right where it needs to be on this page or any other for that matter.

So here it is, it looks very interesting to say the least. Only 3 blogs so far so not a lot of catching up to do.

I'm probably going to find myself doing a lot of spin-off blogs after reading this one.


You know me and my 'never apologise for it opinionated self.'
I'll be open minded though.

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