11 Feb 2009

Did You Know? - MAC Cosmetics

I've known about this since becoming a MAC customer for the first time back in 2004. If you take back 6 empty MAC product containers you can get a FREE lipstick.

I have hoarded all of mine in a big bag. I think I am honestly due around 7-8 lipsticks with the amount I have, but I won't suffer myself the embarrasment and take them back one at a time. So if you're a MAC girl like me then save all of those eyeshadow, foundation and lipgloss containers and treat yourself to a FREE lipstick. You need all the freeness you can get in 2009. Trust me!!


  1. lol...Unfortunately mine never seem to finsih...

  2. I didnt know that even the eye-brow pencil they accept back, yes I'd just been keeping it, till my girl came and chucked it away saying it was confusing her as to which was new and the old ones...then she goes to MAC and they tell her you can return them..Gurl only God saved me from wringing her neck!!!I had over 6 of them!!!

  3. They don't advertise it like they should in my opinion. I've only heard this twice in the x amount of years I've been buying from them. They should have a sign on the counter. It would encourage more sales and more returns which will encourage the recycling of their empty product packaging.


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