27 Feb 2009

Got A House? Spare Room? Want Extra Cash? A Little Time To Yourself?

My mother knew about this website for 2 years and couldn't even tell me about it. I should have bitten my tongue, but I ended up having words with her about stuff like this. How hard is it to pass on information to somebody? Especially when you know they may want to rent a room but don't like the idea of someone in their space 24/7.

My set up is nice. I live in a house and have a spare room. The other two are my own bedroom and an office. I have it [the spare room] semi-ready [just have to get rid of some things out of the decorated spare room] and it'll be good to rent out. I even have a spare fridge/freezer in my kitchen for a lodger too.

Now I take everything as a sign. I was getting ready for work determined to tackle that room, this evening and this weekend. To get to moving on bringing in some more money into LondonDiva's pocket. I mean High Interest ISA. [Seriously, no clothes shopping with this money].

My colleague is reading the Daily Mail and mentions an article about renting out a room. He kindly gives it to me and I see a website for renting specifically for Monday to Friday. You make money and still have your house to yourself when it matters. The weekends! That means singing and dancing, loud music, having my little cousin and friends over, waltzing into the the early hours and not being concerned with waking anyone up. And if they have a car then I can add on more money for the use of my garage. Imagine that, you give money away willingly and freely, and then a way to make some money falls right into your lap a few hours later. I wasn't expecting to feel blessed so soon.

This is perfect!

My sister didn't use this site for her when she took on her second lodger, but lives around the corner from Mayday Hospital. Her lodger was a nurse who only needed a room during the week. I envied this set-up and could only envision this being the perfect way for me to comfortably have someone in the house on a full-time basis. Especially as I need my space. Monday to Friday I can contend with that. The weekend you better recognise! God being on time and the Law of Attraction working in my life again it seems. I've a had a few instances of this today alone. **raises brow**

The website is called Monday to Friday, I don't know about US sites but this is specifically for the UK. You do have to pay to register to use this site to search for compatible lodgers £29.95 for 3 months. That doesn't bother me compared to finding someone suitable and making over £400 a month.

Here are some other websites listed.

Easy Room Mate
Flat Night Fever
House Pals [UK, USA, Australia]
Just Rent A Room
Spare Room

Remember anything up to £4,250 made in a tax-year is TAX FREE.

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