27 Feb 2009

More Information On The Milstan Feather Flat Iron

I contacted the man himself yesterday regarding shipping and information on the irons themselves especially after I saw the Golden Supreme irons which looked like Milstan rip offs. My mind is still made up, I'm going for the Milstan. Here is what Mr Stan (Milstan) Nash replied in an e-mail to me last night. His e-mail address is listed publicly on his website. [Hence me leaving it in]

To Order: milstan1@yahoo.com
Email Stan (Milstan) Nash: stannash@milstan.com

Please note when referring to the Milstan irons they are made from superior Blue Steel.

-----Original Message-----
From: Stan Nash

Date: Thu, 26 Feb 2009 21:55:36
Subject: Re: Feather Flat Iron

Hello Ms. LondonDiva,

Thanks for your interest in the Milstan Feather flat Iron.
The shipping cost using FedEx 7 day delivery is $21.00.

The Golden Supreme Irons are not made of stainless steel they are made of carbon steel that is chrome plated similar to an electric curling iron finish. With that said it is not only the steel that is superior it is also my design.

Many of the designs that I make: Multi-T, Feather flat, flat bump, slide bumps and the flat curl irons are not made by any other company except mine.

Feel free to contact me directly at (909) 754-1955 for any additional questions or comments.

Thanks for your inquiry,

Stan (Milstan) Nash

OK That's the easy part done. Now I had to source a stove and a heat controlled one at that. Every site I went on was a US based site that sold the Stoves with a UK plug, but I don't fancy US shipping + UK Customs charges. Sooooo....me being the research queen and refusing to be undefeated, found the Golden Supreme Professional Dulux Thermal Stove on Savage Lily.

Golden Supreme Professional Dulux Thermal Stove.
Large mouth stove fits 70T and 80U irons
6-month guarantee
Durable high gloss and black & gold finish
High internal temperature
Low external temperature
firm and fixed iron rest
Thermostat heat control with 10 heat settings
Tilted angle for ease of access and security
Stable base
On/Off Indicator light
Made in U.S.A

£94.95 + 15% VAT = £109.19

For those that are worried about the irons being too hot. Golden Supreme also do Heat Testers. I haven't yet sourced a UK source for these, where I've seen them on US sites they run at $80.

Please don't get it twisted ladies, heat is heat is heat. There is no such thing as 'safe heat' just safe hair care practises. Ceramic and tourmaline irons can get HOT. Even my hair has smelt burnt after using one, and these can go up to 430 degrees. There is no way I'd even get a Milstan Iron without getting a heat controlled stove and I wouldn't recommend anyone using any kind of thermal straightening appliance to use one without heat control of some kind. I may even opt for the heat tester too. I take my hair care very seriously and consider these an investment. Just think how much money this saves compared to salon visits. Probably after 2 or 3 salon visits I would have spent the equivalent.

There maybe some 'snobbery' between marcel and flat irons, but just because one comes with a plug doesn't make it any safer.

Good Luck and happy hair growing.


  1. Hi, I was wondering how you are enjoying the feather flat iron. I ordered one over the weekend and can't wait to get it. I'd love to get feedback from a real person. The videos and photos online are impressive but I'm apprehensive about using a stove. How are you liking the heat controlled stove, heat testers, and irons?

  2. Hi, I purchased the feather flat iron about a year ago, now. I was pleased with the sleek feel of it and the smooth handles. However, I had concerns when I saw different discolorations in the blue steel and it had a bubbled finish where the plates are attached to the handles. I also felt that spending over $90 for one of them, I was going to get better quality packaging. They wrapped it in some old CA newspaper, put tape around it, and put in a yellow busted envelope.

    I took it too a specialist metal fabricator. He informed me that the metal was really blue steel and that it had been waxed. He said it was low quality/poorly done b/c it could have a much smoother look if it wasn't bubbled. He said it looked like it had been glued.

    I still would like to practice using it more, to get better at straightening my hair that way. I don't expect to get a better one from them or my money back, because after I e-mailed them questioning them, they never replied. *However, in the beginning before I paid my money, he answered all of my calls.*

  3. very good djob big thanks for you

  4. Hello, My name is Stan (Milstan) Nash designer of the Milstan "Feather Flat" Iron. I have been traveling around the world teaching professional stylist and non-professional stylist how to use my innovative iron that straigntens natural hair better than any thermal tool ever made. Here are (3) recent videos that proof this point.
    All the videos show that the Milstan "Feather Flat" Iron is for real. Because the iron is a marcel type iron not electric,the performance of the iron is up to the user. Please watch these videos before purchasing or using it. Most all of my clients who purchase it are extremely satisified with the results when following all of my instructions. Sincerely, Stan (Milstan) Nash President Milstan Thermal Product Company

  5. I was all thrilled about trying to get one for X-mas until I read "Brandi's" post. Eeeyikes!!...I better think this thing through a little better. I don't have money or time to throw away.

  6. i have ordered one and it hasn't came yet but i will let every1 know how it works

  7. got my feathered flat iron and it works like it is designed to i love it so far

  8. Do you find it better than regular flat irons?

  9. I just purchased the feather flat in May, 2012. I absolutely love it. Nash was spot on when I had questions after I paid him. I am so pleased, I'm purchasing two more. And, with regards to which stove to use, I got mine from Sally's about 4 years ago and it workds wonderful. I've never been able to achieve that salon look, but now I can.

    It's worth every penny!


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