12 Feb 2009

Health & Beauty Tip - Humidifier

Health - for better breathing.

Beauty - for better skin.

Living in a constantly cold and summer absent climate, we are used to central heating in the home nearly it seems all year round.

To combat the artificial dryness, try putting some moisture back into the air for only £29.35
I just purchased a humidifier for my room. When I stayed with my friend in Maryland in the home they slept with the heating on. As much as I love to be warm the heating has to be shut off at night because I wake up in the morning dry from what it feels the inside out. I turn the heat off right before I jump into bed so the house is still warm and set the timer to come on an hour before I wake up. Any longer than this and I feel awful.

If you happen to sleep with the heat on or feel dry in the morning, try sleeping with a humidifier on in your room next to the bed, putting cold or warm mist back into the air. My friend bought one and I definitely noticed the difference waking up in the morning after sleeping through with the heat on.

I purchased mine from Dry It Out for £29.35 with FREE UK Next working day delivery.

Before I've even finished writing this I got an e-mail confirmation to say it will be delivered tomorrow between 9am and 4pm. That's great considering I placed the order at 13:30.

Warm mist humidifier
Output up to 480ml/hr
Suitable for rooms up to 65m2
Removable medication cup to add aromatherapy oils or act as an inhalant
Built in night light
Auto safety cut-off
Dimensions 34cm wide x 14.5cm deep x 31.4cm high
Weight 1.8Kg
Power 220-240V 50Hz 400W

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