8 Feb 2009

How NOT To Remove Your Tattoo with TCA!

[This tattoo was not the one removed. I just posted it because it looked really cool.]

So I'm sitting here reading that blog on the woman who did her own tattoo removal with TCA.

I can definitely see why she burned the fuck out of herself. Sorry for the harsh F, but that's what she did. Now remember I stated two blog posts below you do this at your own risk...well LondonDiva may walk into doors, falls down stairs an awful lot, but I have some common sense.

I'm not licenced. I'm not a cosmetologist. But I did do enough research and read the instructions more than once to know what I'm doing and most of all be patient with this process. This reminds me of folks who trade and lose it all because they aren't sensible enough to come up with a money management plan as well as a trading one. Too impatient to make money. Too impatient to want the tattoo gone. And that's when you royally f*** it up.

I'm reading this ish shaking my head...why?

  • She applied between 5-7 coats of TCA on the first peel between 46-50% strength. The strength is fine the amount of layers is not. 2-3 layers are recommended. This is a chemical. The A stands for Acid for goodness sake!
  • She had TCA on non-tattooed parts of her skin, talking about it dripped. I used a Q Tip as did she. I don't know how she managed to over soak that thing, and even if she did, blot it against the side of whatever the TCA solution was in. I drew it over my tattoo like you would if you were tracing a picture. The liquid evaporated pretty instantly I don't know what the hell she was doing.
  • Once the scabs came off she went swimming and noticed from the chlorine the tattoo stung. OK what does that tell you? Hasn't healed perhaps! Probably because after 5-7 layers that was a deep ass peel, that needs a long ass recovery time. God was telling you something.
  • On the second 46% application 3 months later she said the tattoo stings just from scratching it and said she didn't want to waste anymore time in between applications. Jesus Lord have mercy. Then she applies 8 freakin layers of TCA to an already sensitive skin area so that it frosts completely. And you're blogging that this hurts? OK if you do your research you'll know that once your skin comes into contact with TCA it's working ,frosting or not. Nothing untoward will happen in between applications except that the skin will heal better. The fact it's been 3 months from 1st to 2nd application tells you that the application was way too much hence the long healing time.
LondonDiva at this point is not feeling sorry for this broad at all.
  • Now this gyal in her comments want to act like Nuviderm is evil when she's putting 8 coats on a non-healed area of her skin. It's like women blaming relaxer companies for leaving her bald when she left it on for 40 minutes or something. It is stated in the instructions VERY CLEARLY not to apply TCA to broken skin. Skin which is not healed is considered broken in my book.
  • I wonder if she even used sunscreen at all, there was nothing at all to say if she was even using anti-bacterial ointment to protect the old and new skin layers like I am.
  • It seems as though she went by the instructions where it says it's safe to use apply again x amount of weeks after the first application **shakes head** use it as a guide not gospel. It's like these folks see 6 weeks after application #1 is fine to apply again and whether the skin is healed or not they are jumping right back in because the instructions said so. Eff that if my skin takes 6 weeks to heal and not 3 weeks this time around then I'll just wait. It's not worth the risk.
  • Hmmmm her second application didn't even blister. The reason why? She burnt off too many layers that didn't heal there is probably no healed outer layer to even blister off.
  • OK now her area is sooooo bad she had to put a bandage on it as it blistered and weeped really badly. Although and get this...she stated it may be a good thing that on the bandage with all the blood stains are colours of the tattoo coming off. OK she really wanted this tattoo off that badly you can tell. There shouldn't be the need for a bandage 18 days post 2nd peel..KNOCK KNOCK shouldn't that tell you something already.
  • So she went to the doctor and $130 later she got prescribed medicines. **shakes head** Something tells me that 1 layer of TCA would never have resulted in this. I applied 2 layers on 1 tattoo and 3 layers on 2 tattoos. By layer #3 it's hurts as hell! I could not imagine 7 layers at all. People forget it's not just the TCA doing the work your body does too in generating new skin cells. OMG the picture of this is just nasty.
  • **Kissing My Teeth** In her comments post doctors visit, painkillers and med she admits to saying that at 50% at 6-10 layers was too much and that she only recommends about 5 layers. Bitch please 2-3 are enough. You are in no position to be advising anyone after those puss ridden pictures.
  • **LAUGHING** After all of that medication and waiting literally 2 WHOLE MONTHS for a scab to appear and fall off, she's going to apply scar cream wait awhile and apply for TCA. OK I would be done by now I really would have.
Kissing my teeth BIG TIME!!!


  1. I visited the blog you linked. My oh my...

    I've been watching your blog to see how your TCA removal turns out. I'm contemplating it because I have a roughly 6x5 tattoo on my back that I want to get removed. Good luck to you. I hope you're doing well. :)

  2. Too much TCA on the skin is not safe :(

  3. how long will it take if you applied like 6 7 layers of tca on your hand i know i screwed up was really just anxious to get it off but i would really like to know what to do to get my skin healing back to normal. I am not gonna put no more treatments or anything for a long time or even ever again cuz yes my hand is a little blistered up and hurts its been about 2 weeks. Please let me know what i should do step by step so my hand can look at least pretty normal again.


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