8 Feb 2009

Birthday Gift #2 - I'm Stuck

I have no idea what to get myself this month.

As far as I'm concerned all of my gifts have to be practical. There are no rules except I buy myself a birthday gift each month.

I want the Feather Flat and Slither Milstan Irons. Which also means I'll buy myself a heat controlled stove. I'm done with ceramics. I'm going back to old school methods.

Then there are the Reebok New York Freestyle kicks, I've wanted for the longest.

Then there are these Bvlgari sunglasses. I already have the 651B model which I love and want these ones as well.

Now whilst writing this blog I stumbled across a celeb sunglasses site. I want the glasses for the glasses, not because the celebs are wearing them [although no can wear sunglasses better my girl Mimi], now this has made my Feb choice that bit harder. Grrrrr!!

And she just so happens to be wearing the Bvlgari sunglasses I want 8016B. These came out last summer. All the better for me which means they aren't in. But these sunglasses don't date anyway, and I don't wear sunglasses for a season. Unlike last years ever so popular Prada's, no one was wearing Bvlgari around here so they wouldn't even have a clue when it came out let alone the model name. I really try to steer clear from things in fashion/trends and go with what suits me, and which I know I can wear in 10 years time without looking like a fashion reject. I'm sure I'll be blessed with a daughter who will be calling these vintage one day and stealing them from my collection.

Mimi workin it



Tom Ford

Marc Jacobs


Salvatore Ferragamo

I want those Salvatore Ferragamo ones **SWOON**


  1. ooooh its the Ferragamo one I want too

  2. yez the old skool method with the ironz & the stove r the best imo...lol...yez mimi iz rockin ALL those glassez...girl get wateva u want...itz ur money, & ur day...do watcha like!!!...keep me posted on watcha come up with...

  3. It looks like someone i know is obsessed with the Diva named Mariah. Those tennis shoes might need blinders and those shades are straight up divalicious and with the pressing iron i better not see no burn marks looking like someone abused you with a cigarette burn lol.

  4. Huge Fan yes[which includes reading the fansite once a week, buying every album and been to 2 concerts] for the past 19 years. Obsessed no. Mariah is my girl. I love her to Reeses Pieces, but I draw the line at some fan antics.


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