23 Feb 2009

Jennifer Hudson 2. Beyoncé 1.

I was just doing a search for Jennifer Hudson to see if she made it out to the Academy Awards and to see what she was wearing. Some of you know I barely pay attention to the news anymore, and one of the top results mentioned J-Hud's Grammy win a few weeks ago. I remembered Beyoncé has famously gone on record as saying she wants to be the first black woman to win a Tony Award [theatre], a Grammy [music] and an Oscar [Film].

I thought bloody hell, it was just Jennifer Hudson's desire to sing and if it were her agenda to get all three then she's two down, one to go. Already an Academy Award and now a Grammy winner Jennifer Hudson has only been in the spotlight for a couple years compared to Beyoncé's decade. I could definitely see Jennifer doing Broadway [if Fantasia can do it so can J-Hud], and maybe getting a Tony one day.

"I want to be the first black woman to win an Oscar, a Tony and a Grammy. I already have the Grammys, so I just have two more awards to go."

Better hurry up Bey, Jennifer Hudson is winning this race by accident and it's your dream which you're actively pursuing. It will be interesting over the next 10 years to see how this pans out.

I don't know why but Jennifer Hudson to me just seems like one of these rare starlets that was just destined for fame and stardom naturally, as opposed to Beyoncé being pushed into hers via her over bearing father, and working so hard to make it happen. Jennifer Hudson faded into obscurity after not even winning American
Idol and had to audition for Dreamgirls and was given no special treatment. Then BAM it was J-Hud mania. No one was hunting for J-Hud to be in this role whereas for Beyoncé she may have been a first choice before even auditioning. Now with the very public news story of her mother, brother and nephew who were tragically murdered, it's good to see her back on the scene. My eyes watered watching her sing the national anthem at this year's Superbowl. That deep breath she took before she sang encompassed a lot for her, you could tell. The whole world knowing your business, and still being in the process of grieving, that's a sistah who has my respect.

I wish both ladies the best in their careers but wouldn't it be something if it was indeed Jennifer Hudson who was the first black woman to win an Oscar, Grammy and Tony award, especially after all those rivalry rumours between the pair?


  1. Once you are born to do something, ur destiny cant be changed........thats my opinion on J Hudson......

  2. I just feel like J-Hud does not chase the fame as much as Beyonce. And as they say if you do it for the love the rest...fame, fortune and awards will smile on you. Beyonce seems to always be going that extra mile to be noticed..

  3. Actually, neither Beyonce nor Jennifer Hudson will be the first black women to win to capture all 3 awards. Whoopi Goldberg beat them to it, she has a Tony, an Oscar and a Grammy

  4. I bloody forgot about Whoopi Goldberg! It is indeed true, although Whoopi did win her Grammy for a comedy album and not as a vocal artist. But hey a Grammy is a Grammy. And Whoopi has all three.

    Beyoncé even if she achieves this feat will hardly be breaking any records anyway. She's won over 75 awards in her career, I just think she wants to be the best at singing, acting and theatre **makes crazy face** 2 of those she has no business doing.

    Ok well that being known and remembered it'll still be fun to see who gets all three first out of Bey and J-Hud.

  5. I agree with you on that though, it would be interesting to see, but like you said Jennifer is more than half-way there. I think it will be easier for Jennifer Hudson though, because she is naturally good at acting and singing. I'm a fan of Beyonce as a singer, she's not all that great at acting (but thats just my opinion)

  6. I lover Jennifer Hudson. I really dunno why, but I love her story (not the part about losing her family, of course). I love how she became famous. I love that she seems humble and seems like an everyday chica...not a diva. Me likes.


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