23 Feb 2009

81st Academy Awards - Red Carpet

It seemed as though there was a recurring them with white this year. Every year the ensembles seem less impressive to me.

Here are my favourite gowns. You can tell I like tapered waists and full floor length skirts.

Evan Rachel Wood [although too pale for this ensemble] scores point for looking classy, elegant and not overstated.


Jessica Biel: That's a dress you wear when you can't be bothered to get in shape to fit into the dress you want to wear. It's just so boring and bland.
Beyoncé Knowles: Why??? Just Why???
Tilda Swinton: At least you wore lipstick this year luv. There really isn't a hope in hell for you to ever get it right on the red carpet. Beats that black sack worn last year though.

Meryl, Taupe is not your friend.

How do you get it so right for the BAFTA's but so wrong for the Oscars? Not even a pretty face can pull off this awful ensemble. You should have just gone with a beautiful sari luv. It's like you were trying to mix traditional with haute couture and failed miserably.

Why does this woman keep getting invited with her TV presenter self. Hate the bleach blonde, hate the dress, hate the colour. Scarlet red looks better on you, which you've pulled off before with sheer elegance, this looks a tad bit..stank.

Angie sweetie. You could have pulled this out from your closet from a red carpet event from many moons ago and we wouldn't have remembered. You do black and this style all the time. This is hardly a knockout ensemble. Go back to being heavily pregnant and wearing Nicole Miller gowns, you looked stunning then.

Tulle gowns don't looks good on any woman in my opinion. This frou frou mess just aged you Vanessa by 20 years. YUCK!

Another tulle gown disaster. I would hate to be desperate for the bathroom and wearing this gown.

Daniel, Your woman looks like hot shit in hot pink!

Well It's Mickey Rourke. Seriously, what did we expect. 10/10 for staying true to yourself though.

My 'I just thought they were OK and nothing really to rave about' gowns

Virginia Madsen [in the red] I seriously rocking her red dress. She must have seen Sharon Stone pictured at the BAFTA's and decided to bite her colour choice of red for the red carpet.
Well done to the ladies that actually managed to do their hair. Cameron Diaz is a prime example of Academy Award hair no no's.


  1. You must be in some wedding mood cos all your faves look like wedding gowns to me and Evan Rachel Wood and Anne Hathaway need some serious Spray on Tan to stay alive .
    Beyonce could have got that dress from House of Dereon and at least promoted her moms style.
    I like Angelina, She knows everyone expects her to be a knockout even if she just came out of the bathroom but is refusing the spotlight and is just keeping it regal because she has better things to worry about besides having a school of children.

    I think Alicia and Taraji looked Spectacular in their outfits .Taraji's necklace is lovely.
    Heidi's is on her last stretch of her 15 mins of fame so she needs any kind of shock value she can get.
    Jessica Biehl has never been a stunner, She has a lovely body but i think is a tomboy to the core and just cant be natural in something feminine.
    Latifah... If you aint got nothing good to say then i wont say nothing at all but she could have easily opted for BLACK.

  2. the Beyonce dress is definitely a House of Dereon, as you can tell from that busy-busy ish going on, her body rocked but the dress not for ya Mrs Carter!!
    I did love Taraji's dress or is it that i just love Taraji and really hoped she'd win...aaah well!!!she has come a long way from Baby Boy!!..lol..

  3. PS: Now I know why they are called white folks...coz some seriously look WHITE like literally...

  4. @ Fash,Beyonce's dress IS house of Dereon.
    I love that style of dress, especially for slim girls like myself. Anything like Anne Hathaway or Evan Rachel Woods dresses I do not like. That just accentuates the thiness to me and I find it really blah! Full skirt dresses are more fun in my opinion, and you can walk in them with ease!

  5. @ Shona when Taraji cries in movies. I have to look away. She's an ugly crier. I'm not in awe of her dress, it is lovely though, I'm glad she got to make it to a status where she's now recognised not just on the black scene. Shoot I still remember the days when white folks didn't even know who Beyonce, Don Cheadle or Terrence Howard was but we had for years.

  6. I so hear you about her face when she cries...before Benjamin Buttons i couldn't look @ her and not think BabyBoy...I'm just glad these white folks are recognizing black talent..lets make them pay attention to us!! Hell, I did a dance for Noel this side of the pond!!!

  7. lol@ why oh why on beyonce's dress. The girl has a fine figure...she could have done better

    Love the white dresses...very bridal, infact saving SJP'S dress for ideas in the future...you never know, cupid might have me on point blank range right now!!

    Meryl streep did not try at all...


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