12 Feb 2009

Say What?: Part 11 - $299 For Plastic Shoes??

The world has gone officially crazy.

So I was on eluxury having a browse and came across this eeediot designer Melissa charging from $59 to $299 [pictured left] for as she calls it eco-friendly plastic shoes.

Oh really??

None of my shekels you're gonna get sweetheart.
All of those extra vegans can splurge on your collection. I'll keep spending my money on good quality made leather goods.

This really was a kiss my teeth moment when I saw these...and to make it worse selling plastic shoes on eluxury.

And please tell me what's to happen to your foot bottom and you're wearing these in California, Nevada or Texas on a hot ass summers day?

**LondonDiva has officially keeled over**

I appreciate people being business savvy and getting their hustle on, but this is taking the living piss!


To mek an eeediot purchase click here!

But keep this link handy!


  1. Hmmm...$299 for a shoe that mightn't survive the Gambian heat?..No thank you..those shoes were en vogue back home in the early 90s, we called them Sandaks and they were the cheapest shoe..why?because they were made of plastic!!

  2. Ummm since when is plastic ego-friendly?? LOL

  3. Well value is considered as whatever you pay for something at that particular time. People have been known to buy houses for over $400,000 and it goes in foreclosure and someone picks up the same thing for $150,000.

    The same arguement goes for someone who will spend thousands of dollars just because it has diamonds or platinum in it whereas the real fact remains that the diamonds embedded in the jewelry are actually useless and worthless and are not resellable. I have paid tons of money for Plastic sunglasses and dont feel bad because its not 22k gold.
    To conclude , To each is own. I bet if she can get a celeb to endorse it then its game over. Marketing is the greatest genius in our modern times.

  4. C'MON PLEASE BE REAL NOW! A house compared to plastic shoes???

    House prices are determined by many different global and economic factors. Plastic shoes are not.

    **Shakes head**


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